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10-04-09, 10:00 AM
As I stroll through the halls of our school, groups of girls will talk about people who are "weird" or "unattractive" or their vision of "not normal". And now I'm starting to wonder what "normal" really is... I'm pretty sure that my version of normal is not what other people think of normal. So what is it exactly? It seems like an easy question; but how can normal exist if everyone has a different veiw of what it is? Wouldn't that make everyone "not normal"?

10-04-09, 12:08 PM
Very nicely set out -Over 20 years later and I still wonder about this!
and even moreso because what is "normal" for the US isn't always normal here and vice versa, and then what if you were from Asia we would all seem very not normal anyway...
it's all relative...ah, the groups of girls in the just can't get away from them it seems, they pop up all through your life. but they lose their edge over time.

10-04-09, 12:15 PM
It seems like an easy question; but how can normal exist if everyone has a different veiw of what it is? Wouldn't that make everyone "not normal"?

bingo :)

10-04-09, 01:08 PM
Excellent question :P

how can normal exist if everyone has a different view of what it is? Wouldn't that make everyone "not normal"?People having different views on something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Norms exist in society largely because we say they exist and people who are different from these norms are seen as being "not normal".

However society often confuses the issue by introducing notions of good and bad. How could a behaviour be good or bad if our reasons for doing them are largely arbitrary?

Lets imagine 100 years ago when it was unacceptable for women to wear pants. There is no logical reason why women can't wear pants (obviously) but if there was only one woman in the entire world wearing pants, we would certainly be able to say that she is "not normal" in this respect. However we certainly can't say that this person is "weird" or "bad" because she wears pants :P

Basically what I'm trying to say is that while I think that normal definitely exists, all it can tell us is if a behavior is common or not.

10-04-09, 01:38 PM
take out normal and put in "good" "bad" "love" "hate" etc. etc. etc.

normal may exist but its just an idea... like everything else.

10-05-09, 08:52 AM
Normal is but a setting on a washing machine. Who wants to live up to that?

Humankind exists on a far stretching continuum. Whilst someone may be perceived as normal by one person, it is likely that other person is just closer on the continuum to them than you are. And likewise those 2 people are likely to be seen as "not normal" by someone around your place in such a continuum.

10-05-09, 09:34 AM
Ahhh, to be "normal" boring! In high school I stayed away from "normal", and now at 32, I still standout. But we live in this reality and make these rules as we go along b/c the human, it seems, needs to be comforted by the status quo, by setting boundries, following the crowd. We all grow up in our private homes where I'm sure even the most "normal" girl in your school would never want to be seen in her home. when nobody is around. She is probably doing something very "weird", or she is looking at herself in the mirror and asking, "why am I so scared to standout and be myself?"
Generation to generation, we are shaped by the people around, friends, society, media, etc. If one person stands up with confidence, believing in this one idea or philosophy, no matter how crazy, ridiculous or "out there" it may seem, people will follow. Most people(especially in their youth) are "lost" it seems, just looking for a leader to show them the way.
Anyway, its all an illusion. You can make your own reality...and if your okay with it in your mind, then no outsider should beable to say that you are wrong. Obviously, "normal" changes and most of the time doesn't make sense. I mean, is getting plastic surgury to change anything on your body just to have "sex appeal" as far as our whacked out, media-driven society declares. We are so influenced by media/hollywood and we keep on watching, and believing that image, material things, etc is what brings happiness, but obviously it doesn't. Its pretty much been proven, but we sti;; buy into it.
whatever, who cares...gotta get up for the day

10-05-09, 11:36 AM
yeah, i agree with river, but think twice before trying to make your reality completely void of all of that hollywood, the media, etc. i just dont think its possible to live your life and not be influenced at all by any of that. its more than just media and crap too, its the roads your going to take to go to your JOB today, and the signs your going to obey, and the ambulance your going to pull over for....... all of that crap is bought into by us all.... its the game of life we all buy into when we are born and our birth certificate is signed. Lol, if you think you have completely rid yourself of any residue left by society, hollywood, media, etc.... I just think thats trying to live as close as possible to the natural existence, like the kids in gym class who just want to sit and chill opposed to the kids who get really "into" the game being played.

thats all it is, a game. Come on, we are just a buncha animals livin out here, and we figured out how to make paper and we have this **** called money, this money is causing all of this bull**** stress in the world today. PAPER, thats what we let destroy us everyday, thats why we watch the news everynight, just to see what the 'president' the head of YOUR species, has to say about the economy, the system of the paper. Seriously, if it wasn't benefiting someone, then someone would not let this go on. Its humans vs. paper, really? It was all created at one point in time and soon after we learn to manipulate and manage, it could be recreated and managed in a way to ease lives but someone on top of the created social hierarchy is benefitting from all of this and has no intention of fixing it, just making the suffering of his 'people' more bearable to keep them quiet.

We're all pawns in this game, your devotion as a player is all you really change...escape isn't easy.

10-05-09, 11:43 AM
Forget normal. I don't want to be normal. We're too focused on being "average" -- average sales per month, average hours worked per week, average touchdowns per game.

I want extraordinary. If it means I have to be a nutjob, I'll take it.

10-05-09, 03:39 PM
I want extraordinary. If it means I have to be a nutjob, I'll take it.

I'm a loonie, and I love it!

10-05-09, 05:33 PM
I'm a loonie, and I love it!

Haha. You rock, my friend!

10-05-09, 06:47 PM
Look I no longer trying to define what is normal because there is no set definition for this rather stupid one eyed term, everyone has their own kind of "normal" and being average can be rather dull and boring too....:cool:

Also if anyone ever accuses you of being "abnormal" just ask them to define normal for you and I bet you they won't be able to answer and it usually shut's them up!:cool:


10-20-09, 10:04 PM
Ahhh.. the classic question! If someone only knew the answer. :p

You know those maps in the malls (or where ever) that say YOU ARE HERE? Well right now, everyone around you is trying to do the same thing. But as you have said, too many people are putting up the HERE sign making you kinda confused! :)

For now, you've got your own path to follow and your 'normal' is whatever will help you get to your 'here'. It's easy to get distracted. Lots of other people will try to convince you their direction is better than yours. Don't listen to them.

Your normal, if you stay on that path, may influence others. So stay your course, and as they say, the rest will fall into place. :)

10-20-09, 10:47 PM
The only 'normal' person is a person you don't know very well!:D

10-21-09, 04:00 AM
Odsybmx734-you consent to your own subordination.

Normal, at my school, if you straighten your hair, wear make up are pretty and look like clones you are considered normal. i've always stood out amongst my peers as being unusual or strange because i'm not 'normal' like them because i'm not a follower, and a follower is considered the norm at my school.

cant imagine ever being normal..... that would be horrible

10-21-09, 04:35 AM
In my own world i am normal, everyone else is just wierd.

a normal person at school would be unusual in my household