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10-04-09, 02:03 PM
I am taking 5 college classes and I keep realizing I'm behind or I forgot something important even when I think I am doing well.

Last week I had a meeting after a class, I felt great all day and was happy just to go home after class, about 6 hours later sitting in my room I just have a OHHH moment and remember the meeting I forgot.

I keep a task in mind like studying for a test, for a week but I don't really get to studying until the night before and usually I have no idea how to go about doing it until the night before...I usually don't even find the motivation to find the right things in my backpack.

I remember when I first started Adderall, when it was new to me, i was on top of my classes and would have all of the homework done hours after I got home. But now Im just lost in everything school related, I don't have tabs on anything its just all spinning around me. In class I know the 20mg xr dose isn't enough for me, but at home when I do get to working it seems to work. I used to take 30mg xr when I did well but when I tried it recently it made me feel sick and it was just too much, the 20mg makes me feel sick too but not to the point of having to lay down, most days atleast.

Adderall and vicodin together help me, vicodin helps me. I feel like adderall lends the ability to do so well but vicodin lends the motivation. When I used to take adderall I would not only be able to focus in class I would be confident in going and could sit in class no problems. But for a while now I have not had the same quality of focus in class and I have taken a small dose of vicodin just to keep myself content sitting in class.
Farther back in the past I used to combine Adderall and pot for the same reason.

Do I have a drug problem or what? I just feel like I need some substance to positively effect my well being in order for me to get out/get up, give me the motivation I need to do things. My head just feels boring, nothing exciting going on up there, my facial expression blank, blahhh.

Does anyone know of anything like this? Needing something in combination with Adderall for motivation?

I have been taking 60mg cymbalta for 3 weeks now for what i told my doc i thought was anxiety caused by adderall. I was not asked any questions to verify I have anxiety.... this is why I got a new doc because my last one just handed me medicine..... I just cant win with docs I guess since this one is no better.

I told her I can't sleep at night because of adderall, and she told me to take benadryl everynight....

The cymbala hasn't even touched the anxiety I don't think... but then again maybe I never even had anxiety, maybe i had mania or something who flippin knows.

I just want to get my **** together ya know.

10-05-09, 11:40 AM
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