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10-06-09, 02:59 AM
I read adderall can make OCD worse, is that true?
I was diagnosed maybe two years ago, compulsive, anxious, and ADHD

tried Ritalin, focalin no luck, adderall, dexadrine, and vyvanse. Vyvanse was good for a bit with Xanax for anxiety, but ten it seemed to stop working.

Back on adderall 20mg of xr two times a day, is that alot?
I also take klonopin up to two mg per day, and zoloft 150mg a day

zoloft isnt working and although no terrible side effects I just don't feel right
so the OCD is like all "obsessing" and I am thinking of luvox cr or lexapro,
anyone like those mess or know???