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10-09-09, 09:37 PM
My 11 year old son is on Strattera with no results! What does your child takes that works and /or what do you recommend? He once took Concerta but it suppressed his appetite. So nervous to try new meds on him :(

10-09-09, 10:59 PM
How long has he been on Strattera and what's his dose?

Trial and error with meds definitely sucks.

10-12-09, 02:37 PM
Strattera is not usually as effective as the stimulant meds. Although all the stimulants will suppress appetite to some extent. That is why they were used as diet pills in the 50s. You just need to try and work around that.

10-16-09, 05:33 PM
I am taking Concerta and especially the beginning I noticed that I just didn't eat anything for the first few days... but gradually I got my normal appetite back, except my appetite for coffee :( but that has more to do with the caffeine.
You said he only took it once? Or was it a trial period? Was the appetite problem the only negative side effect and did Concerta at least help more than the Strattera...?

Many of the medications used are known to suppress appetite, but unless he is not getting enough nutrition and calories in what he does eat, or if he is diabetic or something, here shouldn't be a need for concern. It is important to know that these medications don't always work the same for two different people so what works for one child may not work for another.

My son takes "Biphentin", it is pretty much the same as Concerta. It does affect his appetite, again especially in the beginning, but our pediatrician told us that growth suppression from these medications that many parents are concerned about is likely due to lack of nutrition, rather than a direct side effect of the medication. She checks his height and weight every time we have a check-up. He has always been a pretty skinny kid, but he is growing appropriately for his age.

He eats breakfast usually with his medication, so before it has a chance to take his appetite away. We try to stick with higher calorie whole foods during the day, like whole grain breads, nuts/seeds, peanut butter, avacado, bananas, beans, real mayo, cheese, full-fat yogurt/ cream, the list goes on. His appetite comes back in the evening, although sometimes not until almost bedtime, but we feed him regardless.

10-16-09, 09:27 PM
Wow, slow down with the Strattera.
While I was researching Strattera, I read that for a lot of people, the effects may take several weeks. It seems like side effects are generally worse at onset...

You also shouldn't dismiss the loss of appetite all together with Ritalin, especially if you think the medication worked otherwise. You may want to consider other venues to maintain his nutrition. You know a friend of mine's girlfriend is somehow incapable of swallowing pills, of any size. She showed me her alternative once for vitamin supplements. They were gummy bear multivitamins! Just like candy! I found I kept eating them (enough that I felt bad). There was also some sugar in them, too. If he likes chocolate milk, you may want to try something like old school ovaltine, though I think there are some new products out there too. I'm not sure if he can drink Ensure yet, (it may not have the right proportion of nutrition), but I found those to be quite palatable when I was stuck on a liquid diet once. Those aren't like slim fast for weight loss. They are far more calorie dense than you would think. On days where he doesn't feel like he wants to sit down for a meal, I'm sure he must have some hunger. Maybe having some extra flexible options will help with your concerns he is not getting his nutrition?

I know you want to see some improvement in your child as you love and care for him very much. Though you shouldn't be expecting immediate results. Treatment seems far more often harder than easier. Also if you are looking for a medication without side effects (even for things we may not have), you are not likely to find any. You will probably have better luck managing the side effects with him, then simply running away from all of them at the first sign of any.

10-30-09, 02:42 PM
My son tried the Concerta and is now taking Vyvanse and they both have made him not want to eat because he feels bad so he goes without lunch. I am taking Concerta and I can eat at lunch now but do not eat as much because I am not hungry either. Should I be concerned that he doesn't eat lunch???

11-02-09, 03:24 PM
Doctors just usually monitor weight loss/gain.