View Full Version : Need advice about DLA

10-12-09, 12:47 PM
Hi, im a single mother with a son who is 8, he got diagnosed and at my request started medication at 5 years, as l could no longer cope with the behaviour problems.
School was not much help in the first two years, advising me to go to parenting classes, and telling me to my face they didnt think my son should be on medication. After years of living with his condition and then him calming down with the tablets, it was like a kick in the teeth!
To cut a long story short l over heard another parent saying that she was claiming disability allowance for her child with ADHD, l got talking to her and she told me of countless people who did as she went to a monthly ADHD meeting.
I tried and got turned down and left it. Again l heard another woman mention it so l applied again recently and again got turned down.
I need HELP, if anyone out there is receiving it, please get back to me, as l cannot understand why lm getting refused!:mad: