View Full Version : Bipolar Disorder and Thyroid Test

texas mom
05-18-04, 09:00 AM
i have a 9y old son. He has lived with his dad for about 3years. He has add and about 3-4 weeks ago he started seeing a therapist for anger prob. yesterday my ex-husband tells me the doctor thinks he might be bi polar and started him on the drug risperdal. So now he is on strattera and risperdal.
I read somewhere that the doctor should do a thyroid test first because it can present itself just like pibolar. the doctor did not do this. has anyone else heard this

The doctor just put him on risperdal. ive been reading that maybe he should be on a mood stablizer with that. NOT that i want him to take any more meds than he has to. Again does this sound right

I also read that this drug is not approved for kids

I KNOW you cant believe everything you read and there is good and bad for everything out there. I also understand that each child is different and what works with one child might not work with the other one
I just dont know anything about this and would appreciate any feedback anyone can give.

06-17-04, 06:48 PM
Well, normally the course of action is to rule out any physical reason, other than the obvious bipolar, first, then move on to the treatment of bipolar.

I suggest speaking with your sons father and discussing this calmly with him as an allie in your sons health. He may very well be bipolar but you as a parental unit need to work together and both be informed etc.

This is just my opinion.