View Full Version : Need Special Ed.? All you need is a lawyer, a newspaper, and 2 years.

10-15-09, 02:43 PM
In June a court ordered Chicago Public Schools to provide Christopher Cruz a private placement for the coming school year, but September came and went with Cruz biding his time at home instead.

When the Chicago Tribune got involved, however, it took the school district just half a day to sort things out. But Cruz’s case illustrates the great lengths parents must go to secure appropriate special education services for their children, advocates say.

In Cruz’s case, it took two years of advocacy, a lawyer, a court order and ultimately a newspaper reporter to get the boy, 13, who has attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and anxiety disorder, the services he needs.

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We know that for childhood education, particularly for disabled students, time is of the essence. Having a kid sit around for two years while his case winds its way through the courts is not something that is 'fixed' if the court ultimately orders an extra two years of education. There are timelines for the initial hearings for these things built into the laws, but when appealed, they still tend to drag on for years.

How can we deal with this problem while maintaining the right of both parties to full court review of decisions?