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10-15-09, 11:35 PM
We all hear about how exercise is good for you.

How about for ADHD? Does anyone find that if they started a regular exercise routine, it helped with their symptoms?

Or am I like everyone else, and find that I can start an exercise routine for up to a month at a time, and then curiously stop:o

10-16-09, 07:52 AM
When I was in my mid 20's I got into bike riding, swimming, and running pretty regularly... on my own.

When I moved to Alaska, I ran, snowshoed, cross-country skied, and pushed my daughter around in her all-terrain stroller.

Since I've been here in California, the only times I have been successful at regular physical activity was when I either had a partner to do it with, or when I've signed up for a P.E. class at school.

I do think it helps me to take a p.e. class when I'm attending school.
Problem is... mid-semester or so, I crash and I'm pretty much done with school. I'm this way now and I've missed my running class and yoga class, as well as my algebra class for the last two weeks.

10-16-09, 06:44 PM
I have found that exercise has helped me in the past. It makes me feel calmer the rest of the day, and even into the next day. The problem for me is scheduling and actually going to work out. Plus, traditional gym workouts I find incredibly boring.

10-16-09, 07:18 PM
I bought one of those exercise balls but I stopped using it. Why? it deflated a bit, but then if I inflate it, well I will *have to* exercise again....

(and may I say, I just really love the avatar above!)

Song of Mercy
10-17-09, 12:26 AM
(and may I say, I just really love the avatar above!)

I would like to second that.

From personal experience, I function better when I get 30 minutes of fast walking in a day. I dont know the medical reasons...


birthday attack!
10-20-09, 07:45 PM
im always less scattered and anxious during and for a while after exercise, especially running. i had a meeting with an advisor at the bank yesterday (AAARRRGH :eek:!) so i left my morning run until lunchtime, that way i could really reap the benefits during my appointment. i do this quite a bit the last few months, work my running around times i know ill be expected to have some form of meaningful communication with another human being, seems to help a bit most times :D