View Full Version : Why no forum for chronic pain ????

10-17-09, 08:13 PM
I was wondering why there is no forum for Chronic Pain people with ADD?

I have been taking pain medications for around thirty years now. Been to Pain Management, Pain Doctors, etc....

I had ten surgeries on my right arm for giant cell carcinoma {Bone Cancer} when I was 21-24.

Is there anyone else out there that has ADD & Chronic Pain??

10-17-09, 08:19 PM :)

10-18-09, 02:58 AM
Thanks CptNemo but Chronic Pain is NOT the same thing as Fibromyalgia.

Although they do seem to have the fact that some people and doctors do not even believe they exist.

10-18-09, 06:02 PM
Chronic pain is hard core. Are you on perks? How do the pain and the ADD interact? Do you have med conflicts or complications? Symptom complications? It's a very interesting intersection. A very cool area for discussion. Maybe you could start a discussion group on here?

10-18-09, 06:16 PM
I will mention it to Admins. In the meantime, start some threads on it and we'll see if it needs it's own section over time.

As always, thanks for your suggestions.

05-04-10, 01:40 AM
there is and has been...

05-04-10, 01:42 AM
there is and has been...

I was diagnosed in 2003.... so it was started at that time.

05-04-10, 04:18 AM
there is and has been...

This should be the correct thread..