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05-19-04, 03:53 PM
As I've mentioned in other sections of these forums, I am currently being diagnosed for ADD. I am planning on going to the psych. evaluation center of a hospital near me, and just got the history form I need to fill out before I can make an appointment.

One of the questions on the form is "List the question(s) you would like answered once the evaluation is completed." The only one I've come up with is "Do I have ADD?" Any suggestions on others to ask? Thanks!

05-19-04, 11:15 PM
I'd want to know what their whole treatment "school of thought" is. They seem to range anywhere from:

- "Hmmm, that makes life more challenging doesn't it? Now here's a bunch of things to try and have helped other people get on top of things."

to ...

- "Oh you poor broken diseased person. Here's a truckfull of Ritalin. See you at the next med. appt."

I'd prefer more of the first myself, but without an outright "meds are evil" framework.

The later tends to be more in line with the old school psychiatric mode of thinking.

My least favorite and perhaps the least useful IMHO...


05-20-04, 01:30 AM
I failed to make a note of how I came by this list. If anyone knows the origin they deserve the credit not me.

I took this list along when I met with a psychiatrist recently to discuss depression. He was unaccustomed to being questioned. The list helped show that he was inappropriate for my needs.

Hope this helps.
Cheers! Ian

1. How long have you been working with ADD?

2. What percentage of your practice is ADD?

3. How familiar are you with the minute-to-minute, season-to-season functioning issues of ADDers?

4. How much knowledge do you have about adult ADD?

5. How familiar are you with MY kind of ADD?

6. What is your treatment philosophy?

7. How willing are you to partner with me in my care?

8. How do you determine an ADD diagnosis?

9. How will we work together if we decide to continue?

10. How up-to-date is your knowledge base?

1. Do you speak to ADD groups? Which ones? On what topics?
2. What ADD organizations are you a member of? CH.A.D.D.? ADDA? Others?
3. Do you attend ADD conferences? Which ones? How often? How recently?
4. Do you have a website? Participate in any of the ADD newsgroups discussions or ADD Physician e-mail lists?
5. Are you "web-published"?
6. Can you give me a referral to a coach?

05-20-04, 01:11 PM
Excellent list of questions.

05-20-04, 03:00 PM
Good questions, you should just print it out and take it with you!

05-21-04, 11:23 AM
Thanks for the suggestions, those are all great questions to ask.

However, I think that the form that I'm filling out is asking more what questions I want answered for myself, or about myself maybe, at the end of the session.