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10-18-09, 03:25 PM

Click the green 'prescribing information' button to the get the full US Prescribing Info on Rozerem.

04-21-10, 10:48 PM
I was just about to post asking about this medication, but since its already here-

I am going to be researching this medication for while so I know all the chemical aspects, but will anyone with an experience with this medication please reply???

Thank you.

04-22-10, 05:26 AM
Well I am done researching about Rozerem and I am really mad I paid 32 dollars so that I could SEVEN pills and are nothing more than higher dose of Melatonin (which I have already been taking for about 4 months now. I knew in the back of my head when my doctor said

try Rozerem something told me don't do it.

And Its probably because I already read about this ridiculous medication.

BTW I took my first rozerem pill around 11 pm Its 4:25 Am and I am wide awake. When I try to sleep I just sit here...and then open my eyes and more time went by So I just get on here again.

04-22-10, 10:31 AM
The first few nights on Rozerem are awful. It takes a couple of weeks before you really know how it's going to work for you. Fortunately, around night four, you will see changes. By the end of two weeks, you'll know whether it works for you or not.

For me, it didn't. I endured the horrible first few nights, and after two weeks it became clear that all it did was let me sleep 4-6 hours a night without interruption, instead of 4-6 hours broken up into 2 hours at a time over 10 hours in bed. Yeah, it saved me those wasted hours awake in bed, but that wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

For you, though, it might work fine. Get through the awful first few nights of the worst insomnia you ever had, and then it'll actually start doing what it's supposed to do. Then you can decide if it's going to help you over the long term.

04-27-10, 10:25 AM
I am way to scared to get past the first few days on this.......It made me feel very dizzy while laying in bed....I felt that feeling when your very drunk and the room starts spinning right before you throw up.................except I wasn't drunk.....that was the worst couple of hours I ended up in a panic attack.......I get chills thinking about how weird this made me feel...........

Amtram- Did you feel dizzy?

04-27-10, 11:39 AM
Not so much dizzy in the beginning, just incredibly tired yet unable to sleep. After the first four days, there was a brief period (maybe a half hour?) of wooziness right before I fell asleep.

04-27-10, 11:45 AM
wooziness...right way to describe it..but when it made me tired and then woozy...set off alarms and I ended in a panic twice now I am scared to take it so.........I guess thats that............Now I don't know what to take.

Lunesta for some reason I could only sleep max of 4 hours.

Ambien- If I missed the window to close my eyes well then I missed my window for it to work....Timing has to be just right or its like taking a sugar pill.

Rozerem - freaky wooziness mixed insomnia......