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10-19-09, 02:28 PM
I'm so frustrated and worried about my 7 year old DS. He has had a dx of ADHD since he was 5 years old and recently depending on which doctor I talk to, he also has ODD/anxiety/OCD/Asperger's.

Last school year he was taking 20mg Ritalin LA 2x per/day, 300mg Trileptal, 30mg Remeron. He had a pretty good year, but towards the end his focus and hyperactivity started to not be great and his anxiety at times seemed to be high. We increased the Ritalin LA to 30mg and that helped some. Then in the summer we tried Vyvanse 30mg and it was wonderful for the first 2 weeks until the extreme vocal tics started so we had to stop it. Went back to Ritalin LA 20mg 2x per/day and anxiety was a bit worse and hyperactivity wasn't as controlled. We then increased to 30mg 2x per/day and motor tics started (head shaking, shoulder shrugging). We tried Zoloft along with the Ritalin LA, but that seemed to increase impulsivity. We then tried risperdal, but he seemed restless and it didn't help with tics. We then switched to Concerta 36mg along with a low dose of Clonidine and the tics were better, but irritability was there and focus not great at school. We tried Dexedrine Spansules 10mg, but just like Vyvanse, it caused vocal tics. Went back to Concerta 36mg with the Clonidine, but along with school work suffering (flat out refusing to complete work and tells me he is bored), he has started to get aggressive with his peers at school and is irritable. A few years ago we tried Tenex and felt it caused increased irritability and since Clonidine is similar, we have now stopped that.

So now he is taking Concerta 36mg and just started Seroquel XR 50mg. I'm just not comfortable with these meds. I don't feel that the Concerta at this dosage works that well, but so far causes the least tics (he still has some though). On the Seroquel XR he just seemed strange at times to me this past weekend. In the morning I asked him to get dressed and he was just standing in his room spaced out. I asked him why he wasn't getting dressed and he told me he didn't know what to wear. It was almost like he forgot how to get dressed. He finally got dressed fine. Usually if he doesn't want to get dressed he will be oppositional and not just spaced out. I'm waiting for him to get home from school to see how his day went.

I'm so tired of messing with meds and I feel badly for my son. There must be something out there that will help him! He is gifted academically and has so much potentional.

10-19-09, 03:30 PM
**Update**My DS just got home from school and had a great day and came home with a good behavior certificate. He is very proud of himself and in a good mood. I hope this continues and then maybe I'll feel better about the Concerta and Seroquel combo.

I'm still interested in other people's thoughts and if anyone has any experience with a low dose of Seroquel XR. I'm still worried reading all the reports online about how atypicals are being over-prescribed for kids off-label and how it could be dangerous.