View Full Version : Hate

10-21-09, 05:02 AM
What is it?
To deeply dislike someone?
To want to see them go down in pain?
To never feel compassion or love for them?
And only pure dislike?
Is it in you?
Hate is everywhere,
me, you, the person next to you.

We all hate something or someone.
Whether it's your best friend,
your ex's girlfriend or boyfriend.
That annoying little brat over there,
Or that stupid attention seeker.

That pesky animal that keeps peeing in your garden,
Or an annoying neighbour who questions your every move.
That teacher who always picks on you.
The followers or the tryhards,
That annoying song that just keeps popping up.

That guy who thinks he's God's gift to ladies,
when in reality he is a butthead.
Annoying step family,
Your life,
How boring Perth is.

That stupid blonde bimbo over there,
the majority of people in the world,
Rascist people and every other hate anyone can think of.

You cannot escape it,
It is everywhere.
Not one person has no hates
It is inescapable.