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05-19-04, 09:52 PM
Does anybody here have a blog? I am thinking about doing one.

05-20-04, 01:34 AM
Personally I'd prefer it if you just posted more threads here. Or better yet use the Journaling section if you don't want feed back.

That's just me of course. Ian.

05-20-04, 12:25 PM

Thanks for the support. I appreciate the kind words. Iíll look into the options you mentioned for posting more here. But I am still looking into getting my own site.

The thing is there are some subjects that we canít discuss here and some things that I would like to say but canít. Donít get me wrong, I respect the right of the admins and mods of this board to determine the rules. They pay for the site. I donít. If I had my own site I would be able to say what I want about any subject I choose.

05-20-04, 10:29 PM is an excellent free blog site.

I have a couple on there. One I use for my personal journal. However, I don't advertise them in the ADD Forums.

05-21-04, 12:42 AM
Ah.. well then it is time for you to stretch out and own something.. ehh pm me with the URL when and if you want me hassling you.. < g >
Cheers! Ian.

06-27-04, 10:43 PM
I blog also, it's a great outlet and learning tool. I've learned alot about me, perhaps more than i wanted to know (or anyone else for that matter)

11-19-05, 04:19 AM
Blogging IS a great tool to get to know one's self...and others...:cool:

11-19-05, 10:43 AM
I use a yahoo 360 blog. It allows for only for only specific friends I choose to have access to my 'mindset', and read my blogs, and see the pictures I post on there, as well.
I haven't been writing on it lately, since I have been busy, with work, mostly..and whatever free time I do have..I've been on here, lol !
But I am going to get back to writing on it again..
It is a great tool !

william tell
11-19-05, 02:28 PM
I used to be of the mindset to NEVER write anything down for one might find out what I was thinking and -

A) have me arrested
B) have me committed
C) look at me very strangely from then on and cease communication w/ me

11-19-05, 02:41 PM
I have a blogger-blog too. It's mostly a sort of open letter to the Folks Back Home, so I don't have to write a bunch of separate emails because I always forget who already knows what. I like it.

11-19-05, 03:00 PM
I used to be of the mindset to NEVER write anything down for one might find out what I was thinking and -

A) have me arrested
B) have me committed
C) look at me very strangely from then on and cease communication w/ me
Well Bill...
It's like this..
A) I work in I have not the marbles that would ever allow me to write down anything ANYWHERE that would have me arrested..since I can not afford to be arrested (0:

2) If I am going to write anything that would normally have another 'committed', I would write it in the form of a poem.


B) I do not write things down that just anyone can access.
Plus, I do not, by choice, associate with others, who have control of whether they will or will not cease communication with me.
Those are called acquaintances..and I only have brief interludes with in very brief work, or other specific mandated events...and they control nothing of mine..let alone communication...and if they look at me strangely...I always take that as a compliment, anyways !!! (0;

Whatever else is leftover...goes on the blog inside my mind.

01-23-06, 02:34 AM
Im approaching my 1st year( 30,000 visitors ) blogging...longest I have ever stuck something out It is indeed a wonderful outlet and I have met so many wonderful people by doing this.People that usually comment and hang around are the ones who seem to have a connection with you.

I use Bravenet ( ( )...its been ok for me. You can do alot with it on the free version so don't be conned into thinking you need to don't, you just need some imagination.

Anyway...Im new here, just discovered this forum tonight and I must say that I feel like I am HOME! Looking forward to getting to know you all.



Drop by and say hi sometime;) (

01-28-06, 11:46 PM
I too have an online diary/journal/blog.

Some sites I know about (there are others): ( ( (

I would recommend it, but I know journaling is not everyone's cup of tea. I tend to be an auditory learner and extroverted so it helps me think things through and reflect if I can talk something through or write about it. That's why I find journaling helpful. I also have a written journal that I use off and on (have kept journals since I was about 13). Typing is faster and accessible from a lot of places, but sometimes writing it out by hand in a book connects at a deeper level - you also have to go slower so you have to think about it more.

I began posting online journal entries at one site in 2001. I started it to help me work out my discernment re: ordained ministry but basically posted about anything and everything, and have kept it up since then so it has recorded my experiences while in seminary as well as other life stuff.

In the last year and a half online journaling has also been a good place to vent and work through the ADD stuff too. Sometimes I will post something on the forum and realize that I also need to copy it to my blog or to post something similar there with some tweaking/expanding. This also happens when I send emails to folks.

Recently I've been trying out a different site so have been posting on both. I can't decide if I want to let the first one die out and just stay at the new place, or give up on the new place and just stick with the original, or what. It will work itself out.

I tend to be pretty honest on mine, but try to keep it fairly anonymous, i.e. don't identify folks by full name but initials so I know who I'm talking about. I have never posted specifically where I live or my name. I know some people, whether they write more generically and about "safer" day to day stuff or go deeper and more personal, give out the url of their blogs to a lot of friends and families so they can keep up with them.

My posts are more personal and self-reflection and I don't necessarily want my friends and family to have access to all that. I know it's weird to let anyone on the internet who runs across it read it, but not those closest to me. But people on the internet don't know who I am, they can't misunderstand things, or think I'm weird or etc. and have it affect our relationship and what they think of me, which could happen with friends and family. I don't know, maybe it's not as big a deal since I tend to share a lot of what I post on with those I'm close to anyway.

There is only one friend who I've known many years who knows where my blog is and that is because she's the one who clued me into online journaling and told me where hers was. I have mentioned its existence to my sister and at least one other friend at some point, but I haven't dwelled on it and I didn't tell them how to find it. I suppose they could have gone to some various sites and tried to search for it - if anyone who knew me well ran across it by accident or intentional searching they could put 2 and 2 together and have a good idea it's mine. But I doubt they searched for it.

I think once I got nervous someone might stumble across it and entered some search terms I thought most likely to have it pop up and didn't see anything linked to it when I scrolled through several pages of several searches, so I felt more comfortable with my "stuff" out in cyberspace after that.

Others don't have issues posting identifying information on their blogs but I wanted to keep some degree of privacy while also being able to get comments from folks and giving people a glimpse into my world.

Some sites have options where you can decide if a post will be public and viewable by anyone, or if you want it available to friends only who you've given access to see such posts, or if you want to make a post or your entire blog/diary/journal private - viewable only by you.

Okay... this little reflection is long now, so enough about that! :) ;) :D

02-02-06, 07:42 PM
What is the benefit of journaling online though? What do you get out of it if you keep yourself annonymous? I'm a writer...when I need to think things through...I write. And I have been considering a blog for a while now, but I am really quite private w/ my thoughts and introverted...and I wouldn't want ANYONE to know it was me writing it. The thoughts of someone having insight into my private thoughts terrifies me. Yet, I've still been considering an online blog, I think mostly to help w/ my online addiction :p lol ....I am trying to stay away from all the other sites I've spent too much time on...but I really have nothing to replace those w/ yet. :o I thought maybe that would be a healthier alternative.

02-03-06, 10:14 AM
Hi Struggling. I keep most everything in an online journal now. There are privacy you can make private, friend, or public entries. Mine is mostly private but I have chosen some like-individuals to interact with..."friends".

This has been a great creative outlet and keeps my mind free of unwanted mental's kept me from rambling around on this forum with unrelated thoughts.


03-10-06, 04:04 AM
Well I'm also bloggin, again.

But I just started with this blog about my ADHD a few days ago.
I found it hard to find information from other ADHDer.
How did they experience ADHD, their meds and all other problems connected to it.
And I like the idea of me being a writer.

The nice part of blogging is that you get feedback.
I have another blog where I write about Health in general and although I don't write there every day, I still have a few hundred readers every month.

And yes it's also true that I like to get attention:D