View Full Version : Slow cook lemon pepper fish fillets

04-12-03, 11:37 AM
Here's a simple fish dish I make when everyone is home at different times. This can be made for one person, or as many servings as your oven can hold. This meal is low maintenance, and the best part is, there is very little to clean up.

Set the oven at 350. For each serving, lay out a piece of foil. Put a couple fish filets in the center and sprinkle with lemon pepper. Line thin potato slices around the fish and sprinkle with garlic salt. On top of all, spread some frozen vegetables and sprinkle with basil. Any of the seasonings above can be substituted with your favorites. If I have any shredded cheese in the house, I sprinkle that on top of everything. Grated Parmesan works well too. Lay another piece of foil on top of that and fold over around the edges to seal tightly. Bake for approximately an hour. Put it on your plate, foil and all. Take the top foil off, and eat.

When the fish is done, I turn the oven off and leave it in the oven so when each person is ready to eat they get a hot meal.

If you don't have any tartar sauce in the house, just stir a little pickle relish in with some mayonnaise. I also like to stir in a bit of horseradish sauce, but the relish and mayo makes a pretty good sauce.

04-13-03, 02:13 PM
Sounds Delicious... We do a lot of fishing in the summer and we always filet our fish out. I'm gonna try this just as soon as I get the time to go fishing :D