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10-23-09, 10:27 AM
I've been taking methylphenidate for about two months. I have a lot less anxiety and feel more calm through out the day. Feeling this way is great. It helps me to not get distracted as easily and I don't feel the need to rush. But my attention span seems to be the same. I still loose interest in the middle of watching a tv show or movie. One of the things I wish I was able to do is sit in a quite place and enjoy reading a book. After a few pages my mind seems to turn off and I realize I've just been looking at the words and not paying attention. I have books about stories and subjects that really interest me, but I can't make it through a more than a chapter or two. I had the same feeling a lot of times in school while taking a test. I get to a point and my mind just goes blank and I loose interest. I just feel like I'm missing out on a lot.

Are there other medication I can talk to my doctor about that can help me?

10-24-09, 03:08 AM
Well what is your total dosage per day and how do you space it out?

10-25-09, 06:03 AM

Thanks for sharing. Ive been on Methylin 20mg day/ 2 10irs afternoon/evening for about 2 months aswell.

It is funny i feel like i am more MOTIVATED but I am scattered around wanting to do alot of things at once. Also, it is really hard to enjoy a movie on this medication too. I rather be in more "personal action mode" than just taking something in quietly when I am on Methylin.

I need to be a DO-er these days so it works for me and also calms me. I am new to ADD/ADHD meds so i dont really know much else than this drug and a short time with Vyvanse.

I would tell your doctor. Perhaps there is something that you can take when you are wanting to enjoy a book instead of "action mode".