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10-27-09, 12:20 AM
I'm curious if any other ADDer's also suffer from narcolepsy.

I started wondering why it was I felt so much more in control of when I went to sleep at night now that I was taking stimulant medication. Whereas before I would fall asleep mid-conversation after about 9pm, in spite of a full night's sleep, etc., now I could choose to go to bed early or later on, and I would remain alert as long as I was awake.

Out of curiosity, I looked up narcolepsy. It turns out I've had periodic EDS, hynogogic hallucinations, and episodes of sleep paralysis (symptoms of narcolepsy) from the time I was a child. I haven't been able to drive long distances, even in the middle of the day, because of my tendency to fall asleep and/or hallucinate for years...but oddly enough I guess I never chalked it up to a "disorder". The same with my ADD, of course, as that was just diagnosed this year.

Since starting medication, I've said that I no longer feel like I'm sleepwalking half the time. It's wonderful to be "alert". I guess I now know why! I'm going to bring it up to my psych next time I talk to him to see what he thinks.

10-27-09, 12:29 AM
Lately I've suspected it, because of my poor sleeping ability, and my inability to wake up of a morning.

I have experienced hypnogogic hallucinations since my teens, and the odd case of sleep paralysis. Never had an issue with EDS though (unless the odd desire to have an afternoon nap is EDS).

I'm trialing out improving my sleep routine: taking sleep aids to knock me out early. It has helped a little, but it's early days.

10-27-09, 12:39 AM
i have never been diagnosed with narcolepsy...but many times in my life i have fallen asleep in inappropriate places. or not woken up when i should have...(beeper going off at night all night long)...during an ambush with M16s going off, i slept through it. i also did have sleep paralysis growing up, but haven't experienced it in a long time. i do feel more alert now...but i don't think that i really have narcolepsy, just some issues here and there.