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Pyrrhic Victory
10-27-09, 01:17 PM
A Memory

I like how her tongue felt against mine
and how we both didn't know what we were doing.

TV and movies made it look so smooth and fluid
in reality it is physically awkward
and passionately more beautiful.

I remember both of us waiting up at night.
waiting for everyone to go to bed.

I don't know how late it was
or why nobody cared that we made no effort to follow the trend.

Everybody else was eager for the next days events
whereas we were eager to be alone
in the dark
quietly moving closer towards each other
making stupid conversation.

Alone we touched hands
every human sense was magnified

She made her way upon my lap
I remember the light color of her jeans
and looking at her
studying her face
inhaling in her scent
watching her chest rise and fall with each breath
watching my uncertainty reflect off of her face
betraying what I know is right
feeling the space between us close
wondering if I should keep my eyes open
wondering what her lips will feel like
feeling the warmth of her breath upon my face
sensing her ever so near
finding the flesh of our lips softly meet
unknowingly closing my eyes as I fell into her

the soft meeting of our lips gave way to a frantic forceful grasping of passion
my emotions were of beautiful pain
I wanted her
but knew it couldn't happen

regardless... the moment was beautiful
and every now and then
I find myself with a longing to do it once again.