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10-27-09, 01:59 PM
I was at a new "healthy market" that opened nearby. The guy in the vitamin section seemed really knowledgeable, so I asked him what might be new for AD(H)D.

His recommendation was FLAX OIL! (very enthusiastic)

I told him I'm already taking fish oil and would continue to even though it hadn't made any difference attention-wise.

He said that flax oil was far higher in Omega's and I didn't have to worry about impurities (even though I take distilled fish oil). He said that the flax oil is converted by your body into the DHA and EPA you need and it's done in a better proportion than the fish oil.

So I bought this bottle of Barleans Flax Oil. It IS potent: it has 7700mg of omega-3 and 2240 of omega-6 and 2520mg of omega-9. All I'd really read about was omega-3 but figured "well this must be good for me".

I asked my p-doc about it. She said "good, take it 3 times a day". That seemed like a lot of grease to me, especially when you add in the fish oil on top of it. Each tablespoon contains 120 calories from fat, 14g, which is 22% of my daily value for fat. If I take 3 Tbsp a day, that's 66% of my daily fat allowance!!! Good thing I'm exercising regularly now, so I can burn off some of this grease.

Searching on the web, I found an article that says flax oil IS converted to EPA/DHA, but only 5%!

Anyway...does anybody have any experience (good or bad) with flax oil? Are there any good (scientific type) articles that discuss the value of flax oil especially with regard to helping/hurting ADHD?


11-06-09, 11:44 AM
He said that flax oil was far higher in Omega's

Flax oil contains short chain omega 3's. Fish oil contains long chain 3's. As you said only a small amount is converted into long chain 3's in our bodies so it is important that we get long chain 3's in our diet or from a suppliment. Some manufacturers of fish oils capsules screen for impurities such as dioxins so buying from such a supplier would be best. If you are taking the fish oil there is not really much point in taking the flax, also if the flax is in a bottle and not in capsules the omega 3's will oxidise.

Don't know much about its efficacy in terms of ADHD but its a good idea to make sure you are getting plenty omega 3's anway. I think it may help generally with concentration and IQ, but for those with the ADHD trait I don't think it's going to work as a "treatment".

If you are exersising regularly you may want to try coconut oil. You can get it from any caribean or asian food shop (or from nutritional suppliment suppliers at rediculous prices but they make it sound like its worth a 300% mark-up so fair's fair). It is high in medium chain saturated fats. These are easily metabolised and provide lots of energy rather than being stored in the body and causing obesity and heart problems like long chains saturated fats found in meat. It doesn't contain omega 3's though so youy will still need the fish oil...

11-06-09, 12:01 PM
There is some research which suggests people with ADHD may have have trouble converting the ALA in Flaxseed oil into DHA. I know there's some info about it in the book the LCP Solution. I'm not quite sure what the most current research says about it.

11-10-09, 01:49 AM
So far it's making no difference.