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10-30-09, 01:05 AM is a site I created to help people connect to IRC. you can point your client to port 6667 and /join #add. It's purpose is for people we know to get together in real-time chat about ADHD and related mental health topics.

Trooper Keith
10-30-09, 01:11 AM
I'll bite.

11-06-09, 05:35 PM
Hey KMiller, thanks for stopping by. If anyone is interested, there's now a web based portal to access the ADHD chat. It's pretty simple and there's only other users in the chat. The link to start it is: Use your forum nickname please!

11-14-09, 08:14 PM
It would be good if we get more people in there, i poped in today and there was only 1 person and a service bot. :[

11-14-09, 10:08 PM
please know that this chat is not ADDF sponsored.

11-15-09, 03:28 PM
It would be good if we get more people in there, i poped in today and there was only 1 person and a service bot. :[That would be great, some people stop by here and there, but not long enough to meet one another. I wasn't there when you stopped by but am there now, come in and message 'w0g' to talk about it further. With this technology you can stay on 24/7 and idle, there's three of us that do that. In channel #fix we talk about gaming and technology, #add is mostly dead but if anyone wants to use it to meet up it will always be there. As the moderator said, while it isn't endorsed, it's create by people from the community though and there's only other users there.

11-18-09, 09:55 AM
I would like to join but no idea how to join to IRC :>

11-21-09, 08:12 AM
It is quite easy.

Go to the link that unthought posted
Type in a Nickname - suggest you use the same as your forum name here
Start talking

But it does seem a bit slow to take off. I say hello but noone responds. Time zones probably arnet helping.

I will try and join at 18:30 GMT and around 09:00 tomorrow. maybe someone else can join at that time.

11-24-09, 10:37 AM
I've been idling in here for a little bit, had brief conversation with unthought. I'll probably be around every now and then during my down a lot.

11-24-09, 01:48 PM
The other way to join is get an IRC client like mIRC. The link is This will allow you to have a dedicated program running on your machine at all times handling the chat function. It has logging capability and keeps track of who enters and leaves the chat room. You can leave the program running when you're not using it and it sits down in the tray and you will be what is considered "idling" on IRC, one of its' most fun and common uses. Here's some brief details on how to configure mIRC to connect to channel #add.

1. Install and start mIRC. You'll be greeted with a dialog to enter your personal information such as "Real Name," "E-mail address," and two nicknames (one as primary, one as secondary). Enter this information and click ok.
2. You'll now have a blank connection window.To initiate a connection to, type the following command and press enter: /server
3. You'll see some information pass by about the connection process, and receive a message of the day from the server, which might contain some rules and other information about the server.
4. Once the connection process is finished, you need to type another command to join the channel #add. This is the "group" we use to chat with each other. The command used is: /join #add
5. Viola! Sit back and type normally in the channel, followed by enter on the keyboard to send a message. You can private message people by double clicking their name, and copy/paste messages, double click URLs, etc. To send an action to the channel use the command /me <action>. For other inforrmation visit which has a list of basic IRC commands. I'll update the website today with pictures of this whole process as examples.