View Full Version : Is it possible to take Desoxyn and not become addicted?

10-30-09, 06:28 PM
I have been up and down the ADD med rollercoaster for awhile now. i don't like anything long acting because it doesn't break down in my metabolism. i develop a tolerance fairly quickly. this is the case with even advil. my doctor is actually one of the rare doctors that believes in Desoxyn. He believes it's safe and mostly every patient who he prescribes it for gets to a reasonable dose and is able to stay there for years. this scares me a little. Being that no other stimulants seem to work for longer than a week and increasing dosages only makes anyone more tolerant. especially people like myself who really want to get better, have good intentions, and just want to start to live, but their bodies for some reason don't respond to lower doses. i'd rather take a lower dose of a stronger medicine than a higher dose of something that doesn't work. i've been told that Desoxyn is that medicine.
But really, is is at all possible to not become addicted to a drug like this? If it really works at small doses for people who don't respond to other add meds than that sounds great. but, i'd like to know if that is just impossible and it is going to cause problems down the line. how is this drug so great that it's so strong yet i've heard people can go for years on low to moderate doses?i am curious to try it and would appreciate any feedback from some people who have actually taken this drug and have had good results without becoming addicted or building a tolerance quickly. i'd also like to hear from anyone who this drug has caused problems for. it sounds like the "miracle pill". even my doctor did a study on it and wrote an article for a medical journal about it's positive effects on adder's who don't respond to anything else.

right now i am going back and forth between adderall and generic dex. am not having good results from either.

also, this may be a stupid question but is there a generic form of this medicine? i was looking at the threads and the prices seem quite high. i am betting this is not a med that my insurance will pay for since they won't even pay for adderall.

of course i'd rather have positive feedback, but i know the truth is best. so either is very welcome.

thanks and i hope to hear something back soon. this forum is not often visited.

11-03-09, 04:45 AM
Yes, you can use Desoxyn without getting addicted. It's not a half gram of street meth used to get high. It's a low dose of pharma grade methamphetamine hydrochloride. If you've got a doctor who believes in it, then ask to give it a try. Not many people get that kind of response when they ask to try Desoxyn...consider yourself fortunate.

There is no generic form.

04-07-10, 10:55 PM
well give it a shot...take em all at once, if u like it the high, then get high once a month, otherwise, jsut take it as prescribed...just kidding, dont abuse = dont get hooked

05-04-10, 03:26 PM
I have been taking desoxyn now for 14 years for narcolepsy. I started with the 10mg spansale but they soon stopped making them leaving only the 5 mg. I preferred the 10 mg because it worked better. I would take 5 tablets at night before going to sleep and would wake up refreshed something a narcopleptic lacks. I would take my next dose at 11:00am and it would start to work just when the dose I took the night before going to bed stopped. However, they stopped making the 10mg and I have been taking 20 tablets every morning for 12 years. Your question regarding becoming addicted to the drug well I would have to say yes I am addicted becasue I have took it for so long to function normally that without it there would be discomfort. The real question is has my quanity increased over the years that I have used it? Not one time!! I don't abuse the drug or take more than prescribed but if I would stop taking the drug yes I would have a difficult time. The drug desoxyn has provided me to live a life I would not have been able to do with it. I don't like being 'dependent on something but the quality of my life has greatly improved since I have started.