View Full Version : Finally hired a bookkeeper to pay my bills!

10-31-09, 02:43 PM
Yeah - I've been bad with money my whole life because I can't keep track of things and plan for stuff in the future.

Finally being diagnosed with ADD made me realize that even if I earned a million dollars I will still have money problems because I'm handicapped in the areas of portioning out and self-control. It's mind-boggling. (I'm fine with math by the way.)

So I finally hired a bookkeeper (through a friend) to like, pay my bills and keep track of all my accounts and credit card stuff. She charges by the hour. And I'm sure after the first few hours of sorting me out, she'll have it down to an easy (for her) system.

We opened up a separate debit card account that she'll transfer the money I need for groceries, gas and incidentals each month. That way I won't spend my rent check money on, like, crap.

I'm 35 and there's no shame in asking for help if you've realized you're handicapped in an area. Some addicts need to call their sponsor every day for the rest of their lives. I need some one to give me an allowance.

Whatever works!

11-01-09, 06:07 AM
I live in a pretty secluded area and there aren't many resources locally for people with ADD/HD... like coaches.

I'll keep this in mind and may even check into it this week.
I never thought about a bookkeeper before... great idea!:D