View Full Version : Little results with Adderall! What's next?

11-01-09, 11:26 AM
My 11 yo son has been on Adderall since last spring and though we've experimented with different dosages, basically what's happened is that it's greatley reduced his gross-motor hyperactivity (running around etc.) it hasn't improved his focus and attention at school. So now he's staying in his seat, but completely distracted and in his own world. He's already on 25 mg of the XR- and I believe the max for kids is 30.

Prior to seeing his new doctor we were seeing someone else and basically this happened with all of the ones we've tried. We can get good results for the gross motor hyperness, but he's not sitting and listening at school if he finds it the slightest bit 'boring.' And other than video-games, TV, going to the movies, etc.'s all 'boring.'

Are any drugs better than others for the 'attentiveness' part?


Lady Lark
11-02-09, 12:00 AM
It's hard to tell you that X will be better then Y because everyone reacts differently to medications. I would say that if you're not getting the results that he needs, then talk to the doctor and see about trying something different.