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05-21-04, 11:59 PM
Hi, I have been looking for a site like this to share a little about myself. Well I am a fire fighter. I am from San Antonio, Tx. Over the years since high school i remember doing things that I think may be symptoms of ADHD.
I used to always do this thing with my nose like squinching it i dont know what to call it,
and over the past year i blink my eyes alot, whenever i am sitting i usually cant stop moving my leg,
when i am out on a date or even talking with friends, sometimes when they are talking to me i like space out and think of other things right when they talk to me,
my room is always a mess even after i clean it,
i never am focused, its like my mind is somewhere else always, since i was in elementary i have been horrible at math,
i always buy books but after a few pages i just stop reading it,
i always lose things,
when i drive my fire truck alot of times i forget where roads are. There are plenty of more, but are these symptoms of ADD?
ThANKS I HOPE yall read this whole thing it took me a while to type it. Noah

05-22-04, 12:13 AM

As I am very lazy when it comes to typing so I have created a welcome page and ADDed a link here to get you there

My Welcome Page (



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(I'm not sure about the nose squinching though)

: - )