View Full Version : Only hyperactive at school?

11-04-09, 12:10 PM
Does anyones children here only act hyperactive when they're stimulated by lots of people around them e.g school? Just curious, thanks

11-04-09, 02:23 PM
My daughter (16y.o.), used to spontaneously combust... errr... I mean ... BURST out in a wild dance and weird garbeldy language, just out of shear excitement.

I worried intensely for her when she was much younger.

Then I realized she would just have to learn that this sort of thing doesn't win you a lot of close, dependable, long-lived, friends.
I learned this myself while growing up.

She still will launch into her 'Hyper Dance' in the Band room (she's a life-long Band Geek and Proud of it!:D ), every once-in-a-while, but they're not as wildly thrashing and noisy.

She would do this at home pretty much only when a friend(s) were over and the excitement level was building.

I believe she had no other means at the time to deal with the feelings welling up inside her... Much like her own father:o

If she really goes go on to become a music teacher, she'll be one helluva FUN one!

If she really goes on to become a professional musician, she'll be one of those unique musicians people hold in awe, speaking of her genius yet peculiar ways:p:D

If she really goes on to become an agent for the CIA/FBI/NSA/MI5/CTU, she'll be one of those agents that come up with uncommon methods to accomplish tasks. Her career will also be short-lived due to the fact that she has an ENORMOUS conscience and will likely balk at being ordered to do something illegal/immoral. She has been warned!:cool:

11-10-09, 04:05 PM
My son used to be outragiously hyper at home and school. When he changed his diet he was dramatically better at home, almost normal with an off day every so often.

But the school piece just never clicked. He is very active at school and unable to focus. He is not hyper during playdates and family time, though if we have a croud in or are at a party he will become more active.

I believe he might be somewhat sensitive to sound. He's fine with TV and movies, but he does not like anyone to sing in the car. He often asks for music to be turned off, or for someone to stop talking or making noises.

I wonder if the noise at school is overwhelming to him and have even thought about trying ear plugs during times when he works independantly.

From what his teachers say his activity level is dramatically worse at school.