View Full Version : klonipin and aspergers, tourettes and PANDAS

11-04-09, 04:07 PM
I didn't know where to post, I am a parent but my son Andrew age 7 has PANDAS, Tourettes and OCD and ADHD and Aspergers. He is beyong the typical parent ADHD issues. So I will try here. I wanted to get opinions on medicines. We are now on Risperdal 2 mg a day for the anger issues. He is better with the tantrums. However he has a ton of anxiety and compulsions. He gets up on his toes and cracks, he picks at his bottom, he has BM soiling, worst of all he is a broken record and can't get off an idea plus he is loud and obnoxious with his need to argue. We were on Tenex 2 mg a day which was not really helping for a month. Now the psychiatrist wants us to stop it and add Klonipin .5 a day. He takes clonidine before bed and it really helps him to relax and go to sleep. What do others here think of klonipin? We have tried most simulants and they made him worse. Strattera was the best but he got diarrhea which led to the bottom tic and encopresis. What would be the typical meds for these symptoms? We are really having medicine issues with him. He does not respond typically. These meds are really scary when you have such a complex little guy.
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