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11-05-09, 08:50 AM
Anyone else's child tried this? We are supposed to start today. I'm nervous.

11-05-09, 12:43 PM
Welcome to these helpful forums.

There is a clonidine area in the medication section of these forums that might be of help.

Clonidine is a 3rd tier ADHD med (after stims and antidepressants), can be sedating and is sometimes used to help kids fall asleep. My youngest was on guanfacine with concerta (also, alone for a time) which is a similar med to clonidine. The combo was really good for her for a while (long story).

It might help if you give more information on the diagnosis, why clonidine was chosen and the dosing schedule (am or night or both).

11-06-09, 02:04 AM
My D is on 18 mg of concerta in the morning, and 0.1 mg of clonidine at bedtime. The concerta was doing well in the day outside of school, but the duration was lasting well beyond bedtime, resulting in a child that was overtired and relatively fragile the next day. It has worked well for us. The nights where she has a lot of stimulation are still a little tricky, as they woul be with a NT kid, but she is actually getting some sleep. It does sometimes feel like I am giving one med to get her here, and one med to get her out, but it is working for her right now...

11-12-09, 04:48 PM
Clonidine is the only medication that my son can remember to take at bedtime. It helps him with tic's and sleep. His entire life he has fought sleep and clonidine takes care of it. I hate that he is on so much medication, however, he really needs every one of them.