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11-06-09, 07:14 AM
Is there a gold standard test used by the psychology community when they work with kids? If so what is it called?



11-06-09, 08:50 AM
There are currently no tests that are considered valid for the diagnosis of ADHD. The current diagnostic protocol involves

1. An ADHD specific survey, one for the caregivers and the other for the school.

2. A diagnostic interview including a careful history of the child and the family.

3. Clinical observation.

That is it for the most part. Tests can be quite valuable for determining such things as comorbid issues and general information on the child. Other methods of obtaining information such as observation of the child in the school setting can be useful but is often not practical in a clinical setting.

If you are interested you might check out this transcript of a workshop by Russell Barkley. Barkley is considered by most to be by far the top person in the field of ADHD. Many, including myself, consider this transcript to be the best write up on ADHD available on the internet. It is dated 2000 but most of the data is still basically pretty good. I do warn however that this is forty pages long and Barkley is information dense. It can be a bit of a struggle to work though but it is, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others, very much worth the effort. I am going to suggest you start with this overview and then download or read the article from there.

The discussion of diagnosis begins on page 2.

Also you might find the diagnostic protocol advised by American Academy of Pediatrics useful.

This is a very good question that comes up periodically.


11-07-09, 02:19 PM
Thanks Diz! Half way through the 40 pager! Some good info for sure.


11-07-09, 03:27 PM
I took my son to an educational neuropsychologist, and I feel that was the most thorough evaluation he could have had. I have a rundown of the tests she did after her initial interview, in my blog.