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11-06-09, 11:19 PM
I'm still around now and then just lurking.

I've been on prozac for a few months now and it is helping. I'm a bit worried because I can't afford a new appt (my prescription is almost gone and I need to have a new office visit to renew it...) the office fee is pretty high.

I'll figure it out though. Things have been going much better for me. My relationship ended- I went a bit nuts on him- before the meds kicked in. I'm sad about it but don't blame him too much.

I've had some therapy appointments too in the meantime which helps some.

Just thought I would drop a line in here and say hello I know I have been absent for a bit but I have been reading here and checking in from time to time. I may or may not be around soon but I was thinking of my friends here and hoping you all were doing well.

11-07-09, 11:18 PM
Hi Reesah,
I'm glad to hear that you are doing better. Sorry to hear about the breakup with your boyfriend though.

Can you see another doctor who might be cheaper to get your Prozac prescription? Our family lives on Prozac. :) My husband, son and daughter each take 80 mg. of Prozac--actually the generic version fluoxetine. You may already be aware of this but you can get the generic version at Walmart for only $4.

I recently lost my job and my health insurance as well. I have to find out what options I have. I was able to get Medicaid for my son but my husband and I were denied, not due to income, but because the value of our vehicles was over the allowed amount.

Take care,


11-08-09, 10:00 PM
I spent last week going in person to every single sliding scale clinic in my area. I mean EVERY. I went to 30 places in three days. NONE ARE TAKING NEW PATIENTS.

There are NO options right now. I'm on waiting lists but have been told that only counseling is available (not prescriptions) and also that the wait may be up to two months.

I have three days worth of meds left. yikes.

11-08-09, 11:20 PM
It sounds like you've looked into a lot of options, but I can't stand to see someone go without their needed medication.

Have you contacted the office/doctor who currently prescribes your Prozac to explain your situation? I've found that even at places where they insisted I needed an office visit, there were ways around it.

For instance, they would allow me to call in and request a new prescription (written or by phone to the pharmacy) if I agreed to schedule an appointment with the doctor in a few weeks time. It gave me enough time to scrape together the funds to meet with the doctor, and I could always cancel or reschedule if I absolutely wouldn't be able to make it.

Or, knowing that I couldn't afford my prescription/visit, they would sometimes provide samples of medication. (It wasn't always the exact med-subbing Ambien CR for regular ambien or Pristiq for Effexor.. but it got me through.)

I would think someone at that office has to do something for you, because you're not supposed to abruptly stop taking Prozac.

If you can't get through to the doctor, visit your pharmacy and explain that you know you cannot just stop taking the medicine. They may be able to cut through some of the crap and get in touch with your doctor for a reauthorization. Withholding your prescription because you can't make it in to see your doctor this week is unethical and serves little purpose.

11-09-09, 01:38 AM
What would happen if you walked into ER,and expressed concern about withdrawl problems?

11-09-09, 05:03 AM
I wish I could send you some. I have them chucking it at me and I don’t take it.

11-09-09, 05:12 AM
Is there a free clinic somewhere in your area? You might have to drive some, but they do exist in large cities. (I'm from the L.A. area.)

11-15-09, 02:50 AM
figured something out for now, on a few waiting lists as well for sliding scale places here in town.

my computer was messed up for a few days, I had to get it fixed and so I wasn't around, all's well right now

circulatingcats yers there are clinics here I am on waiting lists....none are taking new patients now. ARGH!!! Guess I am far from the only one having problems finding cheap or free medical help these days