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11-07-09, 02:36 PM
My daughter is 6 years old and is starting medication for AD variation of ADHD. This is based on observation from the teacher and talking to her pediatrician. She was inconsistant in her schoolwork performance and had a difficult time grasping more complex concepts. She does not have any behavior problems in school or at home..conduct is almost always an A...occasionally a B. We decided to do a 3 week trial on ADHD medication to see if there were any improvements when she began to realize that she wasn't doing well in school. We never made a big deal about her grades but she has figured out on her own that red marks indicate she made a mistake. In her mind mistake=bad.

This is how things have been going.... :(

Metadate CD 10mg (7 days) difference
Metadate CD 20mg (4 days).....extremely loud, aggressive and emotionally unstable when medication wore off...this got worse with time. Didn't last after lunch. Slightly affected appetite.
Concerta 27 (2 days)..............lethargic, would not smile/laugh at all, cried for an hour at the end of the day with a headache....wanted me to carry her around the house until she fell asleep that night which is NOT like her. Also would not eat anything at all.

The ped wants us to try Vyvanse 20 next...and if that doesn't work, Concerta 18. Besides spending almost $200 on a "trial" for ADD, I hate the fact that my daughter is like a guinea pig right now....suffering while we try to find the right drug/dosage/strength/timing combination. ALL to get through a 3 week trial to see if this is really what the solution is.
I can donate all of the extra medication to a local charity pharmacy...guess I feel like at least some one will benefit from all of this.

How long did it take you to find a combination that worked for your child? Is there anyone who never saw a real improvement with these medications and found something else was causing ADD symptoms?

11-07-09, 04:44 PM
My 8 y/o son tried adderall for a few weeks (upping the dose by 5mg each week) and it was not a good fit. He became short-tempered and nasty. We then tried short-acting ritalin which made such a positive difference immediately. The only problem was a little 'rebound' when the dose wore off and taking 2-3 doses a day. We then switched to long-acting concerta (18mg) and it has been great. Haven't noticed any rebound or significant appetite changes. It sometimes takes him a little longer to fall asleep, but it's not bad. It has made a very positive difference for my son.

Good luck :)

Lady Lark
11-09-09, 11:56 AM
We lucked first. The first meds worked wonders, but then he got tolerate of them. Two more meds later, we had another working combo for about a year and a half, or so. Now we're back to the first, but with an added med, and doing good. I'm reasonably sure when puberty hits, we'll be back to the med dance again, but that's life.

It's not a lot of fun experimenting on your kids, but for us he needed it, cause he needed the help that the right medication gives him.

11-09-09, 01:45 PM
Have you done any testing to rule out a learning difference? She is not a behavior problem but has trouble grasping complex concepts. I would rule out other and turn to medication as a last resort.

11-09-09, 11:42 PM
Have you done any testing to rule out a learning difference? She is not a behavior problem but has trouble grasping complex concepts. I would rule out other and turn to medication as a last resort.

Just because a child doesn't have behavioral issues doesn't mean he/she cannot have ADHD. We have had her tested and evaluated for language, cognitive and learning delays/disabilities....every test and evaluation came back normal for her age. We have been looking into what the "problem" was for the last two years. It is not that she doesn't "get" takes her longer because she is constantly changing subjects and gets sidetracked at the drop of a hat. In 60 seconds she can change subjects on you about 15 times. If you try to re-direct her it's like trying to stop a freight train on a dime because she is so hyper-focused on what is in her head at the time.
Please do not assume that we flew into the medication decision without thouroughly investigating all other options. Believe me...this was a harder decision for us than you probably imagine.

11-10-09, 01:56 AM
Since your child is just trying out meds a bit at a time, is it possible to get med samples from your doctor until you hit on the one med that works for your child?

Most doctors have med samples from pharm. companies and are often willing to share them. This request seems realistic (I have done so myself, with various meds over the years) and you would not have to buy meds that you end up not using anyways.

I know, for example, that the Concerta tablets/capsules (unlike Ritalin) cannot be broken down, so easy to end up with the wrong size meds oftentimes.

11-10-09, 12:48 PM
You cannot get samples of controlled substances but some companies have coupons for a med trial, especially if it is a new med. We got coupons from the doc for both concerta and for focalin several years ago when the kids were first trying out meds. We were lucky and both meds worked for the kids. I started on strattera and had good results but bad stomach issues so was switched to vyvanse which works well for me.

Vyvanse has a $50 coupon:

Intuniv (extended release guanfacine-not a controlled substance) has a $25 coupon:

11-14-09, 12:44 AM
My son is taking Ritalin 10mg twice a day...the teacher and I see a difference in school work as mentioned above in a post...but his behavior has not improved...still having outbursts and throwing desks...he's been doing that since Kinderguarden...I've started taking him to a counselor...will that help his attitude, or does the behavior manners go hand in hand with ADD/ADHD....I really need help. Thanks!