View Full Version : bipolar plus adhd medication = mania (but does it have to?)

11-08-09, 01:24 PM
after being in what seemed like "bipolar remission" for over six months i have been struck with some sort of semi-controlled manic episode. it's controlled in the sense that my behaviour isn't out of control and i'm not even euphoric or dysphoric but i basically stopped sleeping for weeks and now my sleep is spotty.

what got me to start sleeping again (although for only 5-6 hours a night) was increasing my zeldox (geodon) dose from 80mg per day to 120mg per day. i've been doing this for four days (maybe 5.) will i eventually get more sleep as the new dose builds up in my blood?

my main question to the forum is how do you handle bipolar disorder and the need to take a stimulant for adhd at the same time? it is no doubt my adderall that has pushed me into this manic episode. and i'm afraid my doctor might nix the adderall completely at my appointment on tuesday. this would be detrimental to my studying and life in general.

is there anything i should be doing to counter the mania?

i already take lamictal and zeldox as mood stabilizers. i am on a small dose of zoloft that i think could possibly be cut out as i also take wellbutrin to augment the adderall.

i know nobody at this forum can fix me but misery loves company and i'd like to hear how you handle being both bipolar and adhd and successfully treat both.

11-08-09, 06:47 PM
I take Zyprexa PRN. It knocks out mania and helps me sleep. I don't know how that would mix with the Zeldox though. In any case, I take Ritalin and it doesn't seem to send me into mania. Maybe your doctor can reduce the Adderall or suggest a different, less activating ADHD med?

Last spring/summer, I had to take Zyprexa every night, and sometimes more during the day. In the winter I seem to be OK, other than some depression, with just the PRN.

11-08-09, 07:16 PM
Which bipolar do you have, bp I or bp II? The first is more prone to mania, the second is more of hypomania when even that.

I was already seeing my pdoc for bp related psych issues when the idea of introducing ADD meds came up. He agreed that while I seemed to have ADD, he was worried that the stimulants might set off psychosis.

But all's been well. My meds are the ADD ones (Concerta and Ritalin); and Depakote, Abilify, Lexapro, Wellbutrin XL, and synthroid.

Oh, I have the bp II type.


11-08-09, 07:57 PM
i have bipolar I disorder, at least that has been the most common diagnosis from a handful of psychiatrists i've seen. the ones i saw while i was doing well say bipolar II, but that's just because they only saw me once and i was well.

my current psych was already treating me for bp when he came to the adhd diagnosis so we did undergo the whole stimulant thing knowing it could send me into mania. he started me on ritalin (less chance of mania) but i couldn't handle the short half-life... even concerta only lasted a few hours... so we switched to adderall, against his better judgement. i had to beg him to try it.

i'm on all similar meds to yours so i guess there's nothing i can do but ride it out or ditch the adderall.

11-08-09, 07:59 PM
i wouldn't touch zyprexa with a ten foot pole. i have a friend that gained 60lbs on it and it gave her high cholesterol. nothing is worth your physical health. and yeah, there's no sense in taking two antipsychotics.

11-09-09, 02:51 AM
Ritalin doesn't last long for me either. The way we fixed that is I take it every 2 hours, which is a minor pain. I'd take the long acting kind, but my husband and I are both unemployed. The IR is cheaper. Have you tried Ritalin XR?

10-10-10, 09:20 PM
There have been studies showing amphetamines can stop manic behavior. SSRI's are bad for mania but I dont think amphs or ritalin would be. I think they'd be calming to the bipolar person in alot of cases.

10-10-10, 09:42 PM

SSRI's are bad for mania ONLY in the absence of a mood stabiliser.

There are no statistically significant differences in propensity towards mania between bipolar sufferers who take a mood stabiliser alone, & those who take a mood stabiliser + SSRI.

Though obviously if the OP does not NEED the SSRI (as seems to be the case here) it's better to do without. I'm just noting this for the benefit of those who do require SSRIs for their depressive symptoms, or comorbid anxiety.

As far as the OP is concerned... I'm medicated for Bipolar (2) but not for ADHD, so I can't really help. How about trying multiple small doses of Concerta each day... like every 3 hours or so?