View Full Version : Urgent! Finally found desoxyn. Has anyone used small amounts of adderall as a booster

11-10-09, 05:35 AM
Hi there,
if you read this and have an answer please respond right away. Even if it's just a quick reply. After the crazy med rollercoaster changing I've been through my doctor tried a week long trial of desoxyn. To give you a quick history I had just let him know that the high dose of adderall ir was sedating me and I had no motivation or focus. This was the last straw! So he (being a big fan of desoyn, go figure?) decided to doa short trial of desoxyn. I really like everything about it for the most part. Focus, motivation, just enough mood elevation without euphoria. The only thing is because of my ADD all amphetamines make me tired. So none of the good effect mattered if I couldn't wake up. Well,I do not suggest this but I had a few adderall left so I took a very small amount between doses. Here was the outcome of the two together: all the good effects of the desoxyn but a comfortable amount of energy from the adderall. No heart palpitations. No anxiety. For some reason it just worked. And no insomnia. So the reason I wrote Urgent is that I see my doctor today November 10/09. As the visit and the meds are so expensive I have to have a plan to suggest. He is an older add specialist who has a lot of experience in many different drug combinations. But I need someone to tell me if they have tried this combo and have had results. Good or bad. Anyone tried mixing the two with success? And of course is this a safe combination? I am so tired of trying new meds. Hopefully I'll get some responses. My appt is at 4pm. But I am going to try to squeeze in earlier.
Thanks and sorry for not breaking this into paragraphs. I have a hard time following long paragraphs.
Dosage: 1-2 desoxyn 3 x daily. (5 mg tabs)
Adderall: 15 mg ir 1-2 times daily.
Or as prescribed or adjusted tomorrow.

11-25-09, 02:23 AM
You got meth. be happy with that

02-13-10, 04:50 PM
I took some of the threads here to my Dr. & I was able to convince him to put me on desoxyn. I explain to him the concern I have about the dopaminergic deficits & said that to counteract this I need a Ritalin. So he Rx Ritalin 5mg/day with the desoxyn 10 mg Am & 5mg PM.

I also told him that I am going to try Desoxyn solo first & the next 2 weeks I will go with desoxyn + ritalin. He said ,its fine. He is my Dr. for almost 12 yrs. he knows me very well.

I tested Adderall + Dexedrine, it has a euphoric effect on me.

Desoxyn + Adderall ? I would gather as much info on that before launching into it. In myHO I think the effect of desoxyn as a pure amphetamine is going to be compromised.
Just my thought.