View Full Version : Anxiety

11-16-09, 10:05 PM
As I've worked my way up from 10 to 30mg doses of Metadate CD I began experiencing increasing levels of anxiety. I had to stop taking it altogether to avoid completely ruining a vacation.

Is anxiety a normal side effect of this med?

11-16-09, 10:16 PM
Anxiety is a side effect for all stimulants, not just Metadate/Methylphenidate.

11-17-09, 03:20 PM
I would say it is. My first couple of days using it weren't all that great, but seemed to level off and keep me focused after that. My complaint is the meds are pretty expensive even though I have good insurance.

11-17-09, 09:51 PM
well forget meds then - even though it's $40 after insurance, that's not so big a deal. Anxiety is though. I have rarely had anxiety, and it made me feel totally crazy. Plus I was camping in the middle of an area that was mostly desert. The landscape overwhelmed me. But not in a good way.

12-03-09, 02:10 PM
I understand what you're saying there. The doctor just bumped me up to 30mgs as well, but I don't much care for the dizziness it gives me. At least they kinda keep me awake, but not as alert as Adderall.