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Susan H
11-19-09, 07:35 AM
I would like to find out info about The Listening Program. If anyone here knows whether it is sucessful in treating Auditory Processing Disorder and Receptive Language Disorders, please post.

Thanks so much.

11-19-09, 01:08 PM
No experience with the Listening program but we used Earobics (computer program for home use) in the first grade for my oldest. Here is a study review on a few of these programs:

My oldest was having trouble reading in the first grade, was tested and we were told she has an auditory processing issue, ie dyslexia. We were then given many things to work with. We used Earobics, and we played a bunch of games that helped my oldest sort out sounds and where they were coming from. There were rhyming and memory games we played in the car. We also used the BOB books to help her out with similar sounds. Luckily her issues were mild and by the 4th grade she was not only reading well, but reading at a 12th grade level, and she loves to read. We later found that she also had ADD and with medication, she says that she can "hear" the teacher's instructions now.