View Full Version : ADD medication that feels like Oxycodone?

11-20-09, 10:16 PM
I was prescribed Oxycotine after injury, and found it worked wonders for my ADD. It gets rid of negative "ohh, it's not gonna work", or "oh, that's boring" thoughts that make me excited about switching to another task. I could plod through unrewarding tasks with calm tranquility and actually accomplish them without being tempted to switch or procrastinate.

I get similar effect from natural opiates -- after intense exercise, I can sit down and work on any task for an hour or two.

I tried Adderall, and so far it doesn't help me with distractions. I can easily focus on rewarding tasks, however my mind jumps at every opportunity during unrewarding tasks.

Since Oxycotine isn't suitable for long-term treatment, my question is -- is there ADHD medication that's more like Oxy than like Adderall?

11-21-09, 12:31 AM
You simply went through an opiate induced euphoria that made your depression and anxiety go away. Now you know why people take that drug recreationally.

There are no opiate-based drugs for ADD. I suggest you speak to a doctor about your negative self-talk.

11-21-09, 12:55 AM
I had oxycodone after having surgery on my wrist a couple of years back & found it didn't have any effect on me at all mind wise. After taking it for a couple of days I stopped as I thought it wasn't of any help but it was doing its job as a pain relief as the pain was a lot worse without taking it. So I continued for a few more days until the pain was not so intense & then disposed of the rest.

I have read that some people take it as a recreational thing but for me I couldn't see why at all as it has no effect on me in any way except for the pain relief.

But then again most medications don't work on me.