View Full Version : Vyvanse and bipolar?

11-23-09, 03:27 PM
I started on Vyvanse along with Lithium and Valploic acid recently. Right now I'm taking 60mg of Vyvanse daily in the morning and other meds at night time and it's keeping my bipolar REALLY stable.

I don't even get mild hypomania as I used to before. I never cycle, even with external things happening that usually throw me off course.

I have diagnosed LD, Bipolar and PTSD. Doc says I might not be ADHD as the attentional difficulties are probably part of the bipolar, but a definite LD exists. Out of all the LD/ADHD meds Vyvanse has kept me the most stable and doesn't destabilize causing mania.

I find that it helps increase focus and increased minor processing, but overall straterra made processing the easiest, but didn't help with the focus.

Does anyone else have experience with Vyvanse and bipolar? What's your dose?