View Full Version : Kid started Tenex this week

11-25-09, 10:21 AM
My 7 year old was just dx with ADHD-I. Chip off the old block....

Anyway. They wanted him to start with Tenex and said results were good.

Anyone have any success stories to share?



11-25-09, 04:48 PM
My teen son is on Vyvance and Tennex. He was on the Tennex because he felt the afternoons were difficult to manage and it seems to work. He's less irritable and more able to control his anger and impulsive words.

We have to check his blood pressure periodically and his school nurse will do this for us. I'm not sure how long we will have him on Tennex because he seems to be complaining about pain in his eyes (pressure?)

His doctor prescribed Abilify before Tennex and that was a nightmare. It made him feel better but he would be somewhat emotionally distraught over some random thought. It took us a while to figure out that abilify was causing it.

I would keep a log or journal about what you observe. It will make it easier to explain to his doc how the medication is working.