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11-30-09, 07:42 PM
I've read a lot about how people do tasks (especially studying) in small chunks of time. I decided to try it today. I don't want to use the timer in the kitchen because I will most likely lose it. So I decided to see what I could download to my computer to use as a timer/alarm as I believe it will be very hard for me to lose my computer :D

I have a mac so got a couple of trials and a widget to try out but don't know what the best is going to be. I found one that has a function for a timer and an alarm so am using that one today. That way I can work on a project for a while then the timer will tell me to take a break, and I have some alarms set so that I can remember to do things like print something out.

The one I like best of the 4 I'm trying, I realized is only a trial, so assuming I don't choose to buy it, I will need another type of computer timer program to use.

I'm wondering what are the best programs are to download to my Mac (or to PCs if anyone else is interested in using a computer timer/alarm) to use as a timer? or alarm? or a program that does both?
Does anyone else use their computer or just kitchen timers??? if so, do you find one works better than the other?

11-30-09, 08:03 PM
I use small/travel clocks. And I have a few for places where I spend time. Clocks seem better and have a snooze feature.
BUT, as happened today I just ignored the alarm and kept surfing.

I wonder if I could find something like a parental control. It would simply give me a few minutes warning and then just shut down the computer, not to be start-able until a specific time.

What has worked very well is "bookending" with another human. We speak at the start and then call one another after a set time. I needed to get my income taxes done and a wonderful friend did this with me for most of a day while I worked in increments. (Sorry for the spelling. I don't see a spell check) OOPPS--- found it. Kiwizee

11-30-09, 08:25 PM
I can set my computer to turn off at a certain time (I have it set at night so when I fall asleep with a movie playing on it, it goes off at like 3am and has a chance to rest). But this week in particular, I have a ton of school work to complete and need my computer on, so figured I'd try an alarm/timer on my computer. My math homework is all online so when I do it, I need many breaks but also need to remind myself to start doing it again :D. And the same with papers (I have like 5 papers to write this week!).

I like the bookending idea, I may try that sometime.

11-30-09, 11:54 PM
How do you set your computer to turn off? Is it an app or....?
Do try the bookending. I find that it is terrific for me... I just cannot find/ coax/ or convince friends to do it. They just don't get why it works for me.

I wish you well and completion of your papers!!!!

12-01-09, 01:52 AM

I have a mac and it's through the system preferences and energy saver, then schedule. But I don't know if PCs have it or not? I love having this function, so handy when I want to fall asleep without overworking my computer!

01-09-10, 02:15 AM
I've tried working in 50 minute chunks w 10 minute breaks. Seems good, but slightly work intensive to stay on top of.

Anyway, there are multiple online timers. I've seen some that associate a timer w a project manager... forgot where though. (something like the Slime Timer, but I haven't tried this one )

Anyway, here is an online countdown timer, so you can decide ahead how long you'll work, start the timer, and it'll let you know when you're done

01-28-10, 09:44 PM
Thank you for the possible timers. Not quite what I need. I was told that if I go to my (PC) Control place, I can use a parental control thing. What I want to do is set it to simply go OFF at 10PM. I'm not at school and I'm currently sitting down at 10-11PM to JUST check email..... but I totally lose track of time and only come up for air sometimes at 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 AM ... I do go to sleep then and let myself sleep for 6,7, or 8 hours.

This is not really good. My job ended a while ago, but I must get back to regular time. If anyone can assist me with this setting, I'd really appreciate it.

01-28-10, 09:57 PM
Try google - I got this link from cnet, haven't tried it

01-28-10, 11:19 PM
I've read a lot about how people do tasks (especially studying) in small chunks of time. I decided to try it today. I don't want to use the timer in the kitchen because I will most likely lose it.

I came up with this approach on my own (using a kitchen timer and yes I have lost it) so I'm now thinking I need a little timer in each room where I am prone to get distracted -- one that stays there and so is less likely to be misplaced.

BTW, the technique does work for me on two levels:

1) I am more likely to attempt what I think will be an impossible task because I'm setting up 10 minutes to do it.

2) Keeping me from just spacing out totally and forgetting to do things I'm supposed to.

THIS ONE ( looks pretty cool because it comes with a stand, a lanyard, a clip and a magnet!