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12-05-09, 01:22 AM
I'm wondering now, becaseu have other problems that may or may not be ADHD. I've been wondering IF I have adhd. the symptoms are simliar, but, like i said, there are other problems.

when i was diagnosed, i was very young. My mother says the doctor just talked to me.

How was your child diagnosed?

by the way, i was born 1988, if anyone needs to know taht. =)

12-05-09, 01:30 PM
I have two children with ADHD. One is the Hyperactive/Impulsive type and the other one is the Primarily Inattentive type. I have the Primarily Inattentive type. Both my children were diagnosed by having their teachers and parents fill out a long questionnaire of symptoms.

I was diagnosed by filling out the checklist myself. My Hyperactive son is medicated. My Inattentive son and I are caffeinated.

I think the questionnaire method is use most often now to diagnose ADHD. For primarily inattentive ADHD the stimulant treatment sometimes does not work very well for reasons that are not completely understood at this point.

Good Luck in your research!!


12-06-09, 09:30 PM
My son was diagnosed by three professionals. First a PhD child psychologist, then a Pediatric Neurologist and lastly a Behavioral/Developmental Pedi. It wasn't that I kept looking for another opinion but needed to get all my ducks in a row when requesting special services for him. He is medicated (5 days now....) on Clonidine.

12-07-09, 12:11 AM
My then 7 y/o was showing many typical signs of ADHD. We had a full neuropsychological evaluation done that confirmed the diagnosis.

Recent research is showing that a qEEG is very helpful in diagnosing ADHD. Here is an article you might be interested in:

My son had this done last week and I am anxiously awaiting the results. Our insurance will cover this test with a doctor's order. Might be worth looking into for you. Good luck!

12-07-09, 01:29 PM
For my youngest we went a long route because we were not educated about ADHD and because of other issues along the way:
My youngest (combined ADHD) was having problems in school and we started with an education psychologist to look for learning disorders (we thought maybe dyslexia like me). The testing showed high scores in some subtests of the IQ test (WISC IV) and low tests in the areas of processing and attention. This indicated a learning disorder but did not tell us what it was and the doc left the field so was not available after the initial testing. Although she was hyperactive, we did not notice the hyperactivity and thought it was normal because I was hyper as a kid.:p

My youngest was getting frustrated and anxious due to school problems and was expressing this as anger and violent rages. We then went to the pediatrician who did testing to rule out issues that could be present and referred us to a psychologist (because she did not know any of the psychiatrists on our insurance). The psychologist started talk therapy, working with our parenting styles and evaluated our daughter. The psychologist had gone into psychology because she felt that psychiatry was too quick to use medication and did not use the other therapies enough. Even with this opinion, the psychologist felt our daughter had ADHD but could not rule out bipolar and felt that medication would be beneficial for her. We were referred to a really good child psychiatrist who diagnosed ADHD and started treatment.

For the oldest, I noted that after years of working on her organization, she was getting more scattered. She is adopted (family adoption) and I saw her birth mother through her teen years (we are still close) and she was smart but totally scattered (the inattention led to multiple car accidents as a teen and other issues). I had been educating myself about ADHD so I talked with the psychiatrist about the potential of inattentive ADHD. He had the teacher and I fill out connor's forms and he talked to my oldest. We did a trial of meds and my oldest stated that she could "hear" the teacher on meds and could actually "get" the instruction. Luckily my oldest knows when the meds help and is active in her treatment.