View Full Version : Dexedrine 30 mg + Zoloft 300 mg - Any comments?

12-07-09, 12:36 AM

Any opinions on taking Dexedrine 10 mg - 3 x a day - with Zoloft 300 mg in the morning?
This is for ADHD/OCD/MDD/SAD.

Thanks :)

12-07-09, 09:00 PM
thats alota zoloft, lotta dopamine activity there by itself, are you already on such a high dose or is this like the luvox thread? its a stretch to say, but that dose of zoloft is ALMOST like low dose wellbutrin. anyway, youll definitely be stimulated between both of those, but if your that depressed/anxious 30mg of dexedrine IR at one time isnt gonna help whatever the zoloft is doing much. i think those doses might be counteractive if anything, but im not a doctor. zoloft is great tho, and if you halve those doses, youll have something more useful i think. again, why such a high zoloft dose? ps i think those doses would probably give u SS pretty quickly too, possibly toxic doses there

12-12-09, 02:14 AM
Doc said I could go up to 300 mg. I couldn't tolerate it.
I'm taking 100 mg of Zoloft a day now, but only 10 mg of dex, three times a day.

12-12-09, 11:20 PM
yeah 100mg zoloft is fairlyn stimulating, energizing, or activating (As hollywood likes to call it) and as you know has some DRI activity goin on....great for all your other issues too. and i saw that u meant 10mg 3x a day, and yes, thats fine man, ive been takin the same thing as you and i havent had a problem yet, so try it out. post back after couple of days/weeks/months and report back how its goin. luck