View Full Version : Taking both Topamax and Adderall...Is there a way I'm supposed to be taking it?

12-07-09, 12:16 PM
Just wondering if I should be taking them together or separately. I take 20mgs of adderall twice a day and then topamax for a mood stabilizer twice a day and I've been taking them together. Should I not be doing that? Also, I take an Celexa for depression, so should I not be taking that with the others? My normal routine is to take:

Adderall, Topamax, and Celexa in the morning together

Adderall and Topamax around 2pm together

I've been on Celexa and Topamax for about 5 days now and not noticing any change in my mood, so wondering how long it might be before I notice it taking affect. I'm still all over the place. Thanks!

01-04-10, 01:24 AM
If your doctor has not otherwise specified, take them so the adderall is working when you do, and take the antidep and topomax when they cause the least amount of sedation.
Wife was on topo for migraines. If you don't titrate up SLOWLY on topo you will learn why many call it Dopamax! Most docs push it up far too quickly. They did that to wife and she had to discontinue it.
Sister on the other hand loves it. But doc started her at 10mg for a month. Then raised it 10 mg a month until she got to 70 mg. She is still there and loves it. The only reason to rush topo is if it is for siezure control.
Enjoy, Ken