View Full Version : how often does this show up?

12-07-09, 08:15 PM
Hi all,

A little backstory first.

I was dx'ed when I was in 2nd grade, given Ritalin 10 mg BID. 5th grade was given Adderal 20mg QD to eliminate the need to go to the nurse at lunch.

I have always been a little heavy, I remember shopping in the "husky" section before I was ever medicated.

I never felt any conscious (behaviorally) difference when I was on my meds in grade school. I secretly quit taking them around 10th grade. from that time to the recent past I ended up gaining at least 50 lbs, to reach an end result of 310 lbs.

In the recent past (college), food was in unlimited supply at the dining hall, so I would always eat in excess. I began to notice a very fatigued, somewhat depressed feeling whenever I ate alot of food of any type. I tested the theory that this was the food causing this feeling several times, and each time I recieved confirmation that it was. Sometimes it would get to the point where I could sleep almost 16 hours a day and still be tired while awake.

Does anybody know why this is?

P.S.-I am currently on Adderall 20mg again (since late october) and have lost a total of about 20lbs when I checked over thanksgiving break. The feeling I used to get when overeating still exists, and is in fact much easier to achieve than before. Thankfully, I can get away with eating a few small, balanced meals as my sustinance.

Please comment if you have had similar experiences.

Edit: I forgot to mention that even the effects of Adderall are not strong enough to counteract the above mentioned fatigue when it occurs. I am still adjusting to the Adderall (physically-slightly elevated heart rate, etc.) but I can tell that even if I took it 2 hours ago and I had a comparitively big meal, I can fall asleep with no problem.