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12-09-09, 11:21 AM
Ok people. I went to my gp to see about getting referred to a psych (I live in UK) but he decided to give me citalopram first on account of the fact that I have a low lying depression. Anywho I decide to go with the flow and see where I end up but the citalopram made my really hyper (I don't normally have hyperactivity) and made my inattentiveness even worse.

So I've been researching things and have decided to stop taking the citalopram and try to self medicate my inattentiveness. I've just ordered some l-theanine, ALCAR, phenethylamine and some alpha lipoic acid. 10 -14 days until delivery. I'll keep y'all posted.

Should mention I already take loads of vits fish oils etc. and try to get plenty protein. Word of warning on the protein front: make sure you get plenty fibre too. :D

Anyway. My plan is to prepare for my next meeting with doc so I can put my case rather more strongly. I'm going to take my school report cards (thankfully I still have them) and also write down my experiences that I feel relate to the symptoms on the diagnostic criteria. I was going to wait till I get a refferal because I will be quite painful for me to prepare such, but I am going to have to explain myself better to the doc. Hopefully the supplements will improve my inettentivness enough to facilitate this... :rolleyes:

12-10-09, 11:53 PM
I suggest writing everything down beforehand, not only will it be more convincing but you'll express yourself better. I'm doing just that (got the from someone else that was diagnosed), so I'm researching areas of neuroscience and drugs used to treat it, connecting the dots.

12-18-09, 01:53 AM
How come I can't see this thread in the forum ?

12-20-09, 01:19 AM
Anybody here actually had any success with l-theanine or ALCAR?

My stuff hasn't arrived yet and I can't seem to find much info using the search facility.

01-07-10, 06:52 PM
OK so I get my goods throught the post eventually. bulk powders in plastic ziplocks. I'm sure customs got exited when the were goin throught he scanner. I try a bit of every thing in my coffee. Yuk! Bombed some of each in cigarette papers. PEA is interesting :D


I need to get electric scales and some veggi caps. Man I hope this stuff does the business. First off I hope I am barking up the right tree (and not just barking); that is I hope it is ADHD. My GP patronised me and showed a complete lack of knowledge of ADHD and a complete lack of interest in me as an individual. He tells me I have moderate deppression(No ****!). Thats the thing. Depression is just a name people give to 'not feeling very chipper'. I would have said I had depression when I was younger, but that is a word I got from soemone else that seemed to fit with how I felt at the time. Giving it a name like that and saying "I have depression," or "you have depression," doesn't really get to the point. "I'm not happy because..." or some such seems to get closer to a resolution. But the doctor man he say I have depression; he give me antidepressants. Problem solved.

Looking at everything from the perspective of "I have ADHD," makes a lot of things make a lot of sense. But the doctor says "It's very difficult to get a diagnosis without the hyperactivity." VERY DIFFICULT. What's that got to do with the whats and the hows?

Another doctor tells me "only a small percentage of cases persist into adulthood," and my aunti who is "a lecturer at the college" and a stuck up *%@ tells me "only a tiny percentage have it without the hyperactivity."

Even if both those statments were true whats to say I am not of the very, very small, infanitecimal, imperceptable percentage who has ADHD without the H and in persisting into adulthood?

Also my cousin(daughter of the afore mentioned aunt) is exibiting some traits including a good dose of hyperactivity(which drives her mum crazy). When I tried to bring this up I was cut to pieces. "She's always been hyperactive! She has a lot of energy!"


Also my gran who studied psycology tells me "you have a problem with impulse control," and that the fact I have trouble concentrating when I am reading is "poor disciplin." If it was poor disciplin I wouldn't spend 5+ hours sitting trying to focus on a book I want to read.

Anywho. Thats enough therapy. I just want to get my focus up so I can do a big easy about ADHD and how it relates to me, etc. And bore everyone to f***ing tears. Maybe a power point presentation for good measure... :D