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12-10-09, 01:00 AM
Been on medication for a few months now, tried out ritalin but my stomac didn't like it :P

Now on dexxedrine I find myself taking reletivly large dosages (from what my doctor tells me) between 2-4 of the 5mg ones and about 2, now moreso 3 of the slow release ones.

I remember my doctor saying that max recommended dosage is around 30mg (which i find is what I need to take so i don't feel the apparent dips in between release intervals)

Just curious as to what other people are taking, I'd like to try maybe 40mg of the slow release stuff to see if it helps me more or if I should jsut stick with 3 and not expect anything more form drugs :P (which is helpfull but not problem solving :P)

I could go on and describe how they make me feel and stuff but I'd end up typing more then I would care to read myself :P

12-10-09, 01:04 AM
That depends.. did I remember to take my second dose? Is this a trick question?

I'm on 50 mg of dex a day.. I'm prescribed 60 but I haven't titrated up there even tho I'm supposed to have.

12-10-09, 01:08 AM
alright good to know, my doctor did say that he moreso treats children then adults so I thougt his dosages where a little low for me (considering how more helped more)

I also find that I seem to be way more fidgety on dex then when not. Though this may just be me noticing that I"m fidgeting when on dex, then when i'm on nothing and just don't notice how twitchy i am at all :P

I find it makes it easier to do some things with it, then without. As if I have more engergy to fight though the 'distractions' so to speak :P

ie concentrating in class without vs with. Much easier with, though i still have to try/fight it :P

12-10-09, 11:06 AM
I've been taking 40 mg 4-5 times a week for about 2 years. But recently its not been as effective. Hoping 1 month off will help regain effectiveness without dose spiking back up immediately

12-13-09, 02:36 AM
im prescribed 50mg a day, but i dont take that much. i dont take it everyday either so i end up with a surplus. they last about 3 hours, 4 if ur lucky that day, and 15mg feels more like 5mg of dextrostat, and nbecause my doctor is aware of barr's bad generics, i think we might go to 60mg a day just to have extra if the barrs dont work, cuz there have been times that i had to take 20mg to feel what 15mg is supposed to feel like (in other words, last year when the products were different, and much different from 2007, or 2008??, that i had dextrostat, which lasts at least 4 hours).

cheers (is cheers the australtion abbreviation or short form parlance of the english "cheerio" like goodbye....what does "Cheers" mean?)

12-15-09, 01:58 AM
I agree about barr being weaker then shire dextrostat. I was on 25-30mg/day of dextrostat for 1-2 years + had to increase my dosage after barr became the only option currently @ 40mg/day. I also notice some hyper focusing (difficulty switching tasks/multitasking) with barr which wasn't a problem on dextrostat.


12-15-09, 04:37 AM
40mg IR is the max recommended dose for the Barr.

Many people go over that,as needed.
I take 20mg IR Barr/day.
GinnieBean says she takes 50mg,but you know how those Canadians exagerate.:p

Actually Ginnie was very helpful with my dex questions,and I think she said you guys up there have access to a better quality brand,then the usual Barr here.

If you are taking Barr,maybe switch to ? GSK.?

I have forgotten.

In the US,Barr IR,and GSK spansules (extended release) are our only choices.

The Barr works fine to side effects.
I am wafting back and forth as to whether to try the GSK,or stay with Adderall.

BobC just swayed me in the 'yay' direction for now.:)

I did want to mention that some people get more anxiety/PNS symptoms from dex,and some (like me) get more from Adderall.

Too high of a dose,inferior brand,and even the properties of dex itself could be causing you to be jittery.

12-15-09, 04:46 PM
Ginnie, what type of schedule are you on? Do you take IR or the spansules? I have been playing with the dosages and IR vs spansules and while I know this medication is doing very well for me, I just can't seem to figure what to take and when. Doc says I should take more when I feel the effects coming off, but no sooner than 3-4 hours, but it is confusing with the spansules and IR.

And if I take 10mg every 4 hours to a max of 40mg, what should I do if I want to go to 50mg? Take 10 mg evenly throughout the day, or take 15 mg sometimes and 10 mg other times?

This is confusing...

PS: I ask Ginnie because she is in Canada, so we probably are getting the same pills... seems to be a large discrepancy between brands