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05-27-04, 07:34 PM
I just started the S Beach diet; its pretty good as far as diets go, and the weight is coming off, slowly but surely. At least I am seeing results.

But what is most interesting is that in this phase I period, when I am not allowed to have ANY carbs, this lasts about 2 weeks, I am experiencing relief from BRAIN FOG. That sensation of being unable to recall anything, fumbling over what task to do next, being jittery or upset about having to think about how to plan my day....its dissapearing on this diet.

The only thing I can think is that I might have an allergy (a hidden food allergy) to some food in the carb catagory, such as wheat (most common carb).....and avoiding carbs might be removing this presumed allergen.

Anyhow, I suspected something o nthe 3-4th day of the diet, and now in the 6th day, I am becoming more and more certain that my brain is clearing up.....

Anyone else have any experience like this?

05-27-04, 08:44 PM
It's not your imagination!

There are several things I've read about adopting a low carb diet to assist in mental clarity and focus for those with ADD.

If you want some clarity why this works well I suggest reading the book: Eat right for your blood type.

It's a great read for anyone who wants to eat the right food!

05-28-04, 01:04 AM
Thank you! I'll try looking that up!


05-28-04, 08:48 AM
Studies have shown that ADD brains metabolise glucose differently. I think that this makes us extremely sensitive to fluctuations in blood sugar. Since being dxed with hypoglycemia last year, I've been following a lower-carb diet, and I find that it really does help. I'm not doing Atkins, or South Beach, but am trying to eat foods with a lower glycemic index.

The glycemic index is a tool to tell you what effect a given food will have on your blood sugar. You wouldn't want to base your diet entirely on low-glycemic index foods .... you would likely wind up eating far too much fat. But I've found it very helpful in keeping me on an even keel.

05-28-04, 09:18 AM
I simply dumped potatoes, rice, pasta and bread and of course sugar. I saw a huge improvement in my clarity of mind.

I've been working out hard for a while now several times a week I have started to eat carbs moderately again but I think it's still producing the results I didn't like, regardless of my exercise.
Cheers! Ian.

05-28-04, 01:35 PM
This thread is a reminder to me.
It is so easy to get off track.

I stopped working out about a month ago.
I ran out of Omega-3 2 months ago.
And because of this thread, I just realized I have gone back to eating vending machine honeybuns and nutty bars again.

for the last few weeks, i have felt really off my game.
I bet the carbs is the biggest impact.

Thanks for the reminder.

05-28-04, 01:53 PM
I am clinging to my work out time. It is job one. It allows me at least some transgression in the carb department as well as other benefits. I am a carb hound.

It's 12:50pm I have not sat down in the shop yet. I've made some phone calls to clients to at least touch base which seems to at least stall their impatience.

My wife has been away for three nights this week at a conference in the city. She gets back tonight and right after she gets home we are off to see the girls choir recital. Pierette's birthday was yesterday so I've spent some time making sure it's not missed entirely. I've made a sponge cake and I'll BBQ some pig and cow.

I try to celebrate that I'm not paralysed. I get that way sometimes. I get into a slump where I just can't move to do much of anything. The work-outs and the dex help with this a lot. So although I haven't made it to work yet, there has been lots accomplished. I split 20 minutes worth of wood this morning too. After yesterdays first ride on the horse my legs are not looking for extra work today. I have to keep moving at the very least to keep from back sliding.

If I manage that, then the food can be looked at and then the standards I set for myself to help with the household and driving. Following the home work the career work comes. It must come. Then again maybe it won't. But I think given some time and care that I can get back to a better place work wise and keep my other obligations intact. Next goal is to be a better positive influence around the house. I'm very negative when it comes right down to it.

Carbs are death to me. But I only count the bread, pasta, rice, sugar and potoatoes.
Cheers! Ian.

05-29-04, 01:16 AM
I mentioned in another post, and want to remention it here, that I apparently have "narcolepsy" in additoin to or instead of ADD. My doc told me most narcoleptics who do not blatently fall asleep while talking to people, are misdiagnosed and are treated for ADD or other mental disorders. The more I think about it the more I think he is right. I notice myself mentally blank out, go off-line as he describes it, many times per day. He said it is this off-line experience, that indicated part of my brain is trying to get REM sleep even while I am awake, and therefore I cannot get the experience of getting a full day of work done, and I will be prone to easily falling asleep if I nap in the day, and be prone to mood changes, etc. He said I would feel quite frustrated by the minimal amount of work I get done, as this is classic for the kind of narcolepsy I have, which he said 85% of the time goes undiagnosed.

I am tossing that out there for any others who might have similar experiences.