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12-11-09, 11:10 PM
I've had a strange experience today which is giving me some hope, but I don't want to be fooling myself. I'd appreciate some more experienced feedback on this.

I recently got diagnosed and started on Dexedrine 5mg. Things started okay, but slowly it seemed like it was working less. After a month, my new psychiatrist upped the dosage to 10mg for one month and 15mg the month after. With the 10mg I started to feel the euphoric effect again, and then after about a week it started to wear off and I felt I couldn't get anything done. So two weeks after going to 10, I was getting concerned about getting work done, so I started taking 15mg. This time, I didn't even feel a euphoric effect at all. I was getting very discouraged, as the first month when I took 5mg it seemed to be helping, and now at 15mg, it seems to do nothing.

However, something strange happened today. Normally I used to always drink Coke or sometimes coffee in order to help me concentrate at work. It was really self-medication before I found out about ADHD. I would usually drink about 1.5 litres a day (4 cans), which is quite a lot, but I really had no choice. Well, today I had my morning Coke, and felt no effect from the Dexedrine. However, I had run out of Coke, and so I didn't have any Coke in the afternoon, which I normally would. As I was sitting there, feeling ****ty for procrastinating, and feeling hopeless about ADHD, I started to feel the euphoric effect of Dexedrine come on slowly. It appeared to come on at exactly the same rate that the caffeine was wearing off. I thought, "Holy crap! Where's that coming from?"

I think the caffeine was somehow masking, or interfering with, the Dexedrine. Does that make sense? Here I was trying to use caffeine to help me do work, and it was actually messing with the ADHD medication.

The two feel very different. I describe Dexedrine as a warm, euphoric feeling. A kind of vibrating energy feeling, but not jittery. I feel 'more alive' with it. The caffeine has a very different feel. First of all, it's a diuretic, so it makes me feel bloated and I have to pee all the time. Perhaps because of this effect on the blood/fluids it has a 'cold' feeling, and the energy is more wired, jittery, and buzzy.

When I was drinking Coke or coffee, I only felt the cold buzz of the caffeine. When I stopped, that faded, and the warm vibration of Dexedrine came on. In fact, I didn't drink any more caffeine today, and I'm still feeling the warm feeling now in the evening.

I think I'm going to just stop drinking caffeine altogether and replace it with drinking water or juice. I was only drinking it to self-medicate anyway, and I'd much prefer the Dexedrine to the caffeine. I just want to make sure this isn't all in my head, so if you guys know anything about this, let me know. I looked it up on the internet and got very different answers, many people saying they can drink all the caffeine they want and it doesn't interfere with Dex. So I'm pretty confused here.

I think what was going on in the past couple of months is that I couldn't afford to buy Coke for the month I was using 5mg. But then I got a good paycheck and went out and bought some Coke, which was around the time I switched to 10mg. And that seemed to be about the time that the Dex started to lose its effectiveness. I'm just not totally sure I'm seeing an actual pattern or if I'm just being superstitious. Can caffeine really interfere with Dex?

Lost Focus
12-12-09, 12:24 AM
Being so new to the Dexedrine world, I'm very curious what other may have to say as well. Caffeine, for the most part though, is not really part of my habitual consumption. Aside from my morning coffee (1 cup) and occasional mixed drinks, I don't have much at all. If nixing the morning cup would help increase the Dexedine impact, I'd have to at least give it a try.

12-12-09, 01:52 AM
dont take dexedrine with any other stimulants especially caffeine, ephedrine/ma huang, herbals,etc...

12-12-09, 11:58 AM
Neither the two doctors I consulted, nor the psychiatrist, nor the two pharmacists, nor the information that came with the drug, nor Wikipedia, nor any of the several drug information websites I read prior to taking the drug said anything about avoiding other stimulants such as caffeine.

It took me to notice the effect, put two and two together, and then search specifically for Dexedrine and caffeine interactions, and even then I got wildly different contradictory accounts. From many people saying they can drink as much as they want with no problems, to dogmatic and insulting jerks proclaiming (without evidence or explanation) that only the naive or stupid would think that you can drink a Coke with Dexedrine.

There is no obvious reason why drinking caffeine should not just 'give me a boost' in addition to the dex, rather than actively interfere with it. The information I had gathered prior to taking it didn't say anything about that kind of interaction. It was neither stupidity nor naivety (correct English spelling, by the way; only the naive or stupid spell it 'naievity'), it was simply lack of information.

I'm looking for additional information, not dogmatic claims from random internet goons. So, thanks for the snark, but that's all it was.

Lost Focus
12-12-09, 12:10 PM
I'm with the OP, Yellow. Your contribution here would have been best served to give a direct response in the form of "yes, it does affect me" or "no, it doesn't" with perhaps a small explanation as to why.

Quite frankly, my morning coffee is so much of a habit, that I never considered its impact, and I'm only on day 4 of a 2.5mg dose. Some things are so easily taken for granted that they get overlooked. Help by helping, not by insulting.

12-12-09, 02:57 PM
yeah recently when I was looking into stimulant cross-tolerances, one study said that caffeine use will boost the tolerance to amphetamines, but that amphetamines don't boost the tolerance to caffeine any more than normal. In other words, repeatedly taking both will reduce the effects of amphetamine more than repeatedly taking amphetamine alone, but repeatedly taking both will NOT reduce the effects of caffeine more than repeatedly taking caffeine alone. Does that make sense? Keep in mind this was just one study (done with mice)...

12-12-09, 07:59 PM
i take dexedrine and in the morning it never really kicks in until the diet mt due

maybe i need to avoid the diet mt due and i might have better results later on in the morning

i started on vyvance and i ran into an insurance problem. now adderall and dexedrine

12-12-09, 10:31 PM
no offense intended friends. i simply meant stimulant combinations are generally dangerous because of heart related issues, so if you didnt know that you do (what i meant with naive) and if you did know that it causes possible problems you shouldnt do it (what i meant by stupidity).shoulda used dift phrasing but i hope you understand what i meant was "please dont mix caffeine with dexedrine because you might increase chance of problems or side effects" and you can google that for more info because theres a bit out there. peace

12-13-09, 11:16 AM
Its not the caffeine. Its the coffee.

amphetamine absorption depends greatly on pH conditions in your stomach (acidic vs not)

Coffee is very acidic so less dex would be absorbed and most of it would pass thru with the urine.

so when you drink coffee with dex, you are mostly feeling the coffee

try one day not to drink coffee or soda and you will feel the dex more (its not gonna kick in fast thou, it takes an hour or two. thats why lots of people using dex drink coffee to get a kick instead of waiting for dex, so be patient.

if you take caffeine pills with dex you will get overstimulated so I dont recommend it.

12-15-09, 12:42 AM
Coffee has a PH > 5 which is not too acidic. I tend to notice hot liquids make IR tabs absorb too quickly.

caffeine is an adenosine antagonist vs amphetamine effects dopamine/NE. So they do not directly interact with each other. They both produce secondary PNS effects which are similar. Caffeine also prolongs the life of adrenaline in the body which increases the magnitude + duration of stimulants especially the physical side effects (most are not desirable).

I tend to think of caffeine as more of a fatigue blocker then a true stimulant.

Combining dexedrine and caffeine increases my mental anxiety levels to the point I tend to chew my fingernails. Physically it has few side effects beyond a slight reduction in circulation. One of the major differences for me between dexedrine + adderall is caffeine. I could barely tolerate the increase in physical anxiety mixing caffeine and adderall.


12-15-09, 01:22 AM
Interesting info. people. In my opinion, I just enjoy coffee because it is a pattern of behavior. I have drank coffee and taken Adderall IR, XR and Dexedrine IR and Spansules and it was never pleasant. You see, I would recommend anyone with such severe PNS issues to get endocrine testing completed like Thyroid Function, TSH, Free Testosterone, etc. Finding out those results has changed my complete outlook on life now. Just my simple thought. Take Care! ;)

Number 1
12-27-09, 09:58 PM
I have to be very careful when I take my Dexedrine since I have found that any other stimulant that I take with it might have an adverse affect. I might get over stimulated or might get tired, yes tired. The worst is when I might drink a really strong coffee and get the jitters. I have been on and off stimulant medications for 20 years and have learned what works for me and what does not work for me through trial and error. The one thing I am sure of is that without my meds my life would not be as great as it is today.

ADHD Ceilidh
12-28-09, 10:36 AM
I have to agree with Josh in general. It sounds like the issue is urinary acidity rather than caffeine related as far as the original post is concerned. Yes it is the coke killing the Dexedrine. But no it is not the caffeine... It is the fact that you are hampering absorbtion and increasing rate of excretion.

Side effects such as jitteryness and the like would be worse with adderall and caffeine but likely not so bad for more centrally acting stims (although certainly possible).

But 1 last point to consider is that you spend a lot of time describing euphoria. You should not in general be chasing euphoria but rather focus and symptom reduction. With time on the correct stim dose if used daily most find the euphoria stops bit the symptom reduction persists. Good luck.

12-28-09, 10:40 AM
Before I found out I had ADHD, I drank lots of coffee. 15 or 20 cups per day. it made me feel relaxed, took the sharp edge of things.

They I started, first Concerta, then Ritalin. I could not tolerate much coffee - made me jittery and it gave me headaches.

Now I'm on dex, which I greatly prefer to methylphenidate (concerta or ritalin). The combination dex + coffee is better than methylphenidate + coffee.

To summarize:

- No drugs + lots of coffee = mildly relaxing effect, no jitters etc.

- Methylphenidate + coffee = jittery and overstimulated feeling

- Dex + some coffee (6 cups/day) = the usual dex effect (more relaxed, less internal unrest, better focus), not better, not worse

- Dex + lots of coffee = the usual dex effects + jittery

BTW, I have less urge to drink lots of coffee when I take my medication. Sometime I try how a day "without" feels, and on those days I MUST drink lots of coffee....

12-28-09, 03:36 PM
I have to agree with Josh in general. It sounds like the issue is urinary acidity rather than caffeine related as far as the original post is concerned. Yes it is the coke killing the Dexedrine. But no it is not the caffeine... It is the fact that you are hampering absorbtion and increasing rate of excretion.
Okay, makes sense except for one thing. Why did I notice a return of the euphoria after the first morning Coke wore off? It was at about 2pm. If the Coke was the problem, interfering with absorption, but all the Dex was already absorbed, then why did the euphoria come back when the caffeine wore off?

But 1 last point to consider is that you spend a lot of time describing euphoria. You should not in general be chasing euphoria but rather focus and symptom reduction. With time on the correct stim dose if used daily most find the euphoria stops bit the symptom reduction persists. Good luck.
Thanks for that tip. I'm aware of that now. I think I must be on too low a dose so far (5mg x 3 daily) because while I notice some effects on focus, it's not enough to help overcome my major procrastination at work. I'm no longer chasing euphoria, but at the time it was the only real 'effect' I could be sure was from the Dex and not from placebo effect or something.

01-03-10, 01:45 AM

If anything drinking caffeine products seem to lessen the effect of dex for me. I'm still new to it, though.

I drink a ton of coke zero. 6-10 cans per day. It's actually an issue in itself. I'm starting to worry that it's harming the Dex. Coke also is rather acidic, which could be a factor.

I drink coffee in the am and I don't notice any synergy when combined with Dex (or Adderall), though I intentionally wait 45mins after taking the med before making coffee. Also I've been drinking a "low-acid" instant coffee, which incidentally is rather expensive, and instant coffee is much lower in caffeine.