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03-05-03, 09:30 AM
An excellent source of information on the rights of children with disabilities can be found at Wright's Law (

Know your rights! Your children's schools know them...they just may not do anything for your child until you can prove to them that you know your kids' rights too!

03-09-03, 08:36 AM
Another good site that concentrates more on 504 plans is

Some parents will find that although their children need accommodations at school to thrive, they will not qualify for IEP's (individual education plans) because they are performing at grade level or above. 504 plans will help you get those accommodations when you don't qualify for Special Education Services.

02-09-06, 05:40 PM
I thank you both for that input. i had to go to the first site to brush up on the rights. and my son is exactly in the predicament thar webqueen has stated. the school is refusing to do anything including accomodations because he is on grade level. we just sent an appreals to the district and now have a meeting with them later this month.