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12-15-09, 08:32 AM
A couple of years ago I started taking pictures when hiking. And the more I went hiking, the more I wanted to try to capture nature's beauty in my pictures. Apart from a few pictures the most are taken while on vacation abroad.

Note that all pictures are taken with a simple compact digital camera and none of them are photoshopped, the panoramic views were created using Hugin.

A moth sitting outside my kitchen window

Inside a glacier in the Swiss alps

My girlfriend inside the same glacier

Two ants kissing on a alpine rose

Aletsj Glacier in the Swiss alps

Spanish pyrenees

A vulture

A few vultures

A whole lot of vultures

Panoramic view in French Pyrenees

A Belgian winter

More pyrenees

This one I like alot because the picture almost seems surreal, as if it were a painting, because of the dramatic lighting.
30 minutes later we had very bad weather.

An eagle looking for a meal.
It was flying only 30 or 40ft of the ground due to very low hanging clouds. Altitude was about 1600m

Some eternal snow ( and ice ). Alt 2400m.

Some random cascade

And some close up pictures of clacial ice from inside a glacier
I find it mind boggling knowing that the air trapped inside is tens of thousands of years old

Looking up

Ok I'll stop posting now since I have a ton more of these and some other stuff to attend to. Let me know what you people think.

There's some more and better stuff from my last trip on my website

12-15-09, 05:15 PM
Awesome jealous....want to go to French Pyrenees.....and if it was during Tour de France that would cap it....:)

mADD mike
12-15-09, 07:40 PM

I too like to take pictures and post them on here from hikes, but I can't match that. The terrain and especially the glaciers are just beautiful. I showed my wife the pics, and now she and I want to go walk through a glacier. I don't think they have any in my area though, lol.

Thanks so much for sharing. Those were amazing. Photoshop is great, but nature as is is plenty beautiful without any effects. You have a great eye for taking photos.

12-15-09, 09:37 PM
I agree, you DO have a great eye, and good composition, and a good camera for a p&S! These are stunning-thank you so much for sharing. Certainly a bright spot in my day! :-)

mADD mike
12-16-09, 12:35 AM
Oh, and the pics on the website you linked for us are great as well. What a unique landscape (at least I think it is unique, if nothing else I've never seen anything personally like it). I love the way the clouds look like you can reach out and touch them because they are so low at times. Very cool.

12-16-09, 03:20 AM
Wow, thanks everyone for the great replies! I'm kind of speechless after all the positive comments!

In a little while I'll start believing I might have an eye for composition :D

The only problem with my good ol' point & shoot is the lighting. It's good when the circumstances are good on average. But when hiking in the mountains there's so much light it's easy to get overexposure. And with that much light there's often no way to check the screen and see if a picture was over or under exposed. And since it's not a very fancy camera auto bracketing takes ages. So I'm looking into buying a DSLR with a polarization filter to get better lighting, oh and a decent tripod. And maybe a book or 2 on DSLR photography.

12-16-09, 03:46 AM

You should go when you have a chance, it's stunning!

@ mADD mike:

You should definitely visit a glacier before it's to late. Those big ice cones are a good 800mile from home. At first my girlfriend and I where hesitating to pay the 8EUR to visit the glacier as busloads of Chinese tourists kept arriving. Most of the people walked the tour in under 3 minutes, snapped 30 pictures and were back on the bus. We were in there for almost 2 hours, fascinated by the spectacular lighting and waiting for people to clear a place so I could snap a picture.

The funny (in a sad way) thing is if you're standing somewhere and tourists just rush by without looking around. If on the same spot there's something pretty to see and you pull out your camera all of a sudden you're surrounded by 20 people trying to snap the same picture. As was the deal with the vertical hole in the cave ceiling. Everyone just passed by and didn't bother to look up, 'Hey it's a cave inside a glacier! What good would it do to look up, right?'.

I'll have a search later on your hiking pictures.


I've just checked your little photo gallery, it's excellent!

12-16-09, 03:20 PM
It occurs to me that the phrase, "The hills are alive with the sound of music!" would have just been a pretty but forgettable tune without the artful use of photography added to it.

Some guy here in the US (Thoreau?) once said, "Heaven is below our feet as well as above our heads." My wife tells me of trailering along mountains and glaciers in Canada with her parents before we met. There were carloads of families following each other along to each "scenic stop," getting out, kids scurring around in stir crazyness, doing potty breaks, generally causing a commotion, and quickly taking the view in through the lens of cameras. As the vehicles neared the border back into the States, my future in-laws observed these carloads pulling out to stop, one person getting out to shoot a few photos, jump back in their vehicles and drive off. Too bad people (me too sometimes) have a tendancy to turn heaven into a drive-in.

Nice work!

12-16-09, 03:26 PM
simply breathtaking! wow

12-31-09, 03:21 PM
The landscape ones gave my heart a free almost rush-like feeling.... Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing

01-01-10, 12:00 AM
a very good eye you have. Thanksfor sharing.

02-23-10, 06:56 PM
Awesome pics, my personal fave was the moth. The details are stunning:D

02-23-10, 11:30 PM
I agree, you DO have a great eye, and good composition, and a good camera for a p&S! These are stunning-thank you so much for sharing. Certainly a bright spot in my day! :-)

I agree with FrazzleDazzle!

Just more proof that it's the photographer, more than the camera.