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12-18-09, 10:33 AM
Hi everyone --

So I've been posting in the Vyvanse forum a bit...I've been taking it for 6 weeks now, and I'm close to accepting that it just isn't going to work. The more my dose gets titrated up, the more I get a stronger first few hours, and the more I still get a huge "crash" or "rebound."

I tried 60 mg this week, but still, after about 8 hours I feel extremely sad and tired, to the point I just have to lie down. I'm taking an SNRI too, but it's not helping with any crash and would hate to add Wellbutrin just for the purpose of easing the crash. It's such a shame because dex is such a great underlying med, and even twice daily dosing is somehow not working (I even tried 40&40, first it's too little then too much). If this is the miracle med it's supposed to be, I don't know if I'm going to be able to do stimulants.

I guess I wanted to get opinions from adults who have been down this road. What I want more than anything is a once-a-day med that lasts the day (even 10 hour is ok). What I just can't stand is that horrible feeling that comes a 2-3 hours after the med peaks, and it bothers me that I'll be stuck taking booster to just to keep that from happening.

Does such a med actually exist? The dex spansules looked perfect (8 hour peak! sounds like a once-a-day med!) but then I read on this board that isn't the case). Concerta seems like it could work, but then it does seem like if I'm this sensitive to rebound, a methylphenidate product would be even worse...[Also, I heard that you can't have a couple of drinks on that med, it's toxic, will have to look into that]. Adults also say that concerta can inconsistent. Given these issues, I know not to even look at Adderall.

Sorry for ranting and thanks for listening. I guess life is hard enough without having to deal with this kind of stuff.

12-18-09, 11:01 AM
It's really hard to tell, each person responds to meds differently. You might not experience the same crash on concerta. Each person responds to each meds differently. You might consider a general thread asking people what med they take and how they avoid the 'crash'.

It could yield a ton of info.

12-18-09, 11:15 AM
I think you should talk to your doc and change meds!

I started on Strattera but it made me completely shut down
then concerta worked well but never lasted long enough
Tried the patch to see if I could get something that last but it made me sick to my stomach
tried Ritalin made me heart beat out of my chest
settled on concerta thought there was no other option I was taking 2 36's a day
October decided to take a break from ADD meds between semesters and moved to a new state got a new doc told him I didn't like taking such a high dose and wanted to try adderall

1 week into adderall and it's lasting from 7-9am depending on when I wake up all the way through 8-11pm.... I don't feel the adderall wearing off so quickly yet and I am only taking 2 20's a day, an extra bonus that my dose got lowered which is what I also wanted.

I guess long story short different meds work differently for everyone and you should trial and error until you find your perfect med. Don't settle for 2 years for something just cause you had given up on others.

12-18-09, 01:07 PM
It really is about what works for who, and having a doctor who is willing and able to help you navigate your way through the meds. My Doctor and I find it helpful that I jot down positive and negatives about current med when the thoughts come to me. I often print part of posts that describe feelings I cannot articulate.

That being said, I have been on meds for a little over 2 years. The longest span was 36mg Concerta twice a day. It seemed I got to a point where it wasn't "working" any more. I then tried 56mg once a day with ritalin in the afternoon to get me through bed time with kids. After a week at this dosage I have discovered that I am going in the wrong direction. I can't stand the 56mg. I seem to function very well taking 20mg ritalin three times a day. I have an appointment on tue., I plan on trying a sustained release of ritalin at the lower dosage. Concerta turned out to be the wrong med all together. If this isn't successful I am going down the Strattera road.

Good luck, I know for me, this forum aided me in questioning my meds and their effectiveness. Now things are so much better than I knew they could be.