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12-18-09, 11:29 PM
Well, today was the day I was supposed to switch from Methylin/Ritalin to Dex. Knowing the switch was coing, I've been reading all the threads here about Dex.

After filling the script at the pharmacy, I saw it was Dextrostat by Barr. I told the pharm tech that I didn't want anything by Barr as I had done some research, and Barr had an overwhelmingly poor reputation.

I was blessed with an understanding pharm tech. She said, "you are putting this in your body..."

The only generics they have (IR or SR) are made by Barr. So, I have to have my pdoc write a new script specifically stating "brand" and "SR spansules."

All this was shortly after 5pm, on a Friday when many are leaving for the holidays, but I called the office, explained the situation, and they are calling the covering pdoc, so the special order can go in on Monday (the only day they do special orders). Prayerfully, it will come on Wednesday (the earliest they can get it), otherwise I wait.

I have the Methylin in the meantime, though it is doing little except giving me diarrhea (sorry, TMI....explained in another thread!), and making me lose my appetite.

So, that's my "switching to Dex" story. But I wanted to thank you all for the awesome information here. Though I'm not where I want to be yet with my meds, and know that I still have to get the dosage straight once the spansules arrive, I feel proud of myself for advocating for me!

12-19-09, 02:00 PM
There isn't really a 'brand name" any more,for dex spansules.

afaik,GSK is the brand you would want.

Do you know what brand you're getting?

12-19-09, 02:08 PM
GSK is the one they mentioned...though the Pharmacist referred to it as "brand." Either way, I'm not getting Barr ::::happy dance!::::

Thanks for all the great advice, CptNemo! You *rock!*